Study Abroad

We’re a Jesuit university in an urban neighborhood with a global point of view. You want to explore your world—around the block and across continents. Seattle University students are intellectually curious and ready to change the world. We’re not into boundaries.

Global Engagement

At Seattle University, you will have the chance for global engagement. You’ll study with international students. Your degree program might require some kind of international experience or focus. And you might take advantage of the opportunity for study, research, and service abroad. Seattle University offers both long- and short-term study abroad programs.

Nationally Ranked

Seattle University is recognized nationally by Open Doors for our study abroad programs. Among similar universities, we rank 14th in the total number of students who study abroad; nearly one-third of our undergraduates participate.

Studying abroad can change your life.

You’ll become a truly informed global citizen. You’ll develop skills that will serve you throughout your life and work, such as:

  • Cross-cultural communication and analytic skills
  • A global perspective: a sense of the interconnectedness of people, ideas and problems
  • Enhanced language proficiency
  • Intellectual growth; intercultural and field-specific skill development
  • Deep self-reflection and exploration of relationships with humanity, nature, and spirituality in the Jesuit-Catholic intellectual tradition

More than 500 SU students study abroad in 45 countries each year.

Education Abroad Office

Where do you want to go? The Education Abroad office helps you find the right international programs for you at SU, as well as opportunities offered through other universities. We’ll help open doors to the world.