Redesigned SAT Information

Seattle University employs a holistic review of your application materials to determine admission. Part of that holistic review includes evaluation of student performance on the SAT or ACT exam, one of which is required for all first-time in college applicants. 

The Redesigned SAT

In 2016, the College Board redesigned the SAT. Visit the College Board website to learn more about these changes and how they might impact you.   

Prior to 2016, Seattle University evaluated applicants based on performance on three subsections of the SAT: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing (each subsection had possible score ranges of 200-800, for a total possible score out of 2400). With the redesigned test, we will now evaluate student performance based on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section [EBRW] (score range 200-800) and the Math Section [M] (score range 200-800). Seattle University does not require students to submit scores from the optional essay portion of the exam. 

In the previous SAT format used prior to March 2016, the middle 50% of 2015 first-year students at Seattle University were: 

Critical Reading 530 - 650
Math 530 - 630
Writing 530 - 630

(The ACT middle 50% composite score is 24 – 29) 

Using the SAT Score Converter, those scores on the redesigned SAT become:

Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing 590 - 690
Math 560 - 650

Please note that the middle 50% represents the typical students who attend SU, but does not represent minimum qualifications for admission. 


Should you take the redesigned SAT more than once, we will consider your highest EBRW score and your highest Math score across each time you took the exam. Similarly, we will super-score pre-March 2016 exams, though we will not super-score old SAT exam scores with the new redesigned scores. Seattle University also super-scores ACT exams. We highly recommend students submit scores from every test sitting. 

Use of test scores

Your SAT and ACT scores are considered as a greater part of the Seattle University admissions review process. In addition, the scores can be helpful for us to understand future course placement or advising recommendations. Some majors have minimum test score requirements for direct entry. See “Direct Entry Admission” below for more information.

Should you feel your exam scores are a not accurate portrayal of your college readiness, please use the “Additional Information” section of the Common Application to provide an explanation. We also recommend you reach out to your Admissions Counselor if you have questions about your exam scores and your application to Seattle University.


All applicants are automatically considered for Seattle University merit scholarships. For first-year applicants, scholarships are determined based on a combination of cumulative high school GPA, test scores, and course rigor. The Admissions Office will use the student’s highest test scores (per super-score policy written above) to determine the student’s merit award.

For an estimation of your merit scholarship eligibility, visit SU’s Net-Price Calculator. Please note this tool is based on the old SAT score model; you will need to convert redesigned SAT scores for a more accurate merit scholarship estimation. 


Questions about any of the information provided here? Contact the Admissions Office via or call (206) 220-8040.




Direct Entry Admission

Seattle University offers Direct Entry for students who have selected a major at the time of application. For instance, if a student indicates “Nursing” on the Common Application, that student will be considered for admission to Seattle University in the Nursing program. If admitted, that student will be eligible to begin taking classes—or pre-requisites—in the Nursing program from the start of their enrollment at SU. Students who have not yet selected a major should contact the Admissions Office to learn more about our Premajor, Pre-Business, Pre-Science and Pre-Engineering programs. 

Some programs require minimum test scores for Direct Entry consideration. Those majors include:

  Redesigned SAT Math Score Minimum Old SAT Math Score Minimum ACT Math Score Minimum
All majors in the College of Science and Engineering* 570 540 24
Nursing 570 540 24
All majors in the Albers School of Business and Economics 540 520 23
Sport and Exercise Science 570 540 24
Business and Law 640 620 27
Business (all other majors) 550 520 23
Forensic Science (B.S.) 570 540 24

*with the exception of Pre-Science and Pre-Engineering

Please note that students who do not meet the qualifications listed above may still be admissible to the university and ultimately able to pursue majors listed above (with the exception of Nursing). Please contact the Admissions Office for more information (