Running Start

Running Start is a Washington State program that allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll tuition-free in community college courses while completing high school diploma requirements.

Credit earned by Running Start students may apply to both high school graduation and toward future college degree completion at state colleges and universities in Washington. Generally, a five quarter credit course equates to one high school credit.

Applying to Seattle University

Running Start students who graduate from high school in the same year as they begin their course of study at Seattle University, or are attending college for the first time since high school graduation will be considered first-time freshmen, and should follow the usual application procedures and deadlines for freshman applicants, with the exception of Running Start nursing applicants.

Financial Aid

Running Start students will be considered "first-time freshmen" for eligibility for financial aid, including freshmen merit-based scholarships. Please refer to the Finances section for more information.

Running Start Credit

Seattle University has developed transfer guides as a resource for students planning to transfer credits from Washington state community colleges. Please refer to the Transferology website (free account required)to see how your Running Start and dual enrollment credits may apply to Seattle University. For information on how your Running start credits will apply to Seattle University's Core Curriculum, please refer to the Core Curriculum website.

Nursing and Running Start

Seattle University is pleased to offer direct entry for qualified applicants to our majors at the time of admission. Due to the cohort nature of Seattle University's Nursing program, admitted freshmen are only guaranteed to begin the nursing sequence in the spring quarter of their sophomore year, typically their sixth quarter at Seattle University. Those that will enter Seattle University's nursing program with advanced credit, from Washington State Running Start or other similar programs, have two options:

  • 4 year program: regardless of advanced credit standing, admitted Nursing students would start in the first-year cohort, complete Core Curriculum and Nursing prerequisite courses, and begin Nursing sequencing at the end of sophomore year.
  • 2 year program: students who have completed a Direct Transfer Associate's degree--along with all necessary prerequisite courses--through Running Start can be considered for the junior year cohort by having their application moved to the transfer applicant pool. Students interested in transfer Nursing admission (i.e. 2 year completion) should contact the Admissions Office.