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Photo of Crystal (Sujung) Choi

Crystal (Sujung) Choi

Home: South Korea
Major: PMBA (Professional Master of Business Administration)
Why I became an ISL: I became an International Student Leader to help others who need helps as I faced difficulties when I started studying in the U.S. I want to share my knowledge and skill that I gathered from my experience to international students.
Why I chose Seattle University: Seattle University is a great place with the great education, especially for students in the business major. Seattle also offers a great opportunity for many jobs. Although Alberts Business School has students from all over the world, the class has an easy environment to interact with American students.


Photo of Mariajesus Elgueta

Mariajesus Elgueta

Home: Chile
Major: Nursing
Why I became an ISL: I became an International Student Leader because I wanted to contribute with my experiences, ideas and enthusiasm to impact positively future international students that may be struggling just like I did when I first moved here.
Why I chose Seattle University: I chose Seattle University because here I could find a community who would support my learning not only by teaching me the essentials of my career, but also helping me to become an integral person. All of these aspects broaden the way I understand the world and I am now a person who is conscious of the importance of professing civility, giving back to the community and being mindful of people’s different backgrounds.

Photo of Chandara Keo

Chandara Keo

Home: Cambodia
Major: Finance
Why I became an ISL: I always seek to find opportunities for experiences and make new friends so I became an International Student Leader to help others who need helps.
Why I chose Seattle University: Seattle University is a great place with one of the best education I could get in Seattle. It also provides nice food and nice study environment. I like size of the class which is a small class with less than 30 students in it.

Photo of Carissa Natalie

Carissa Natalie

Home: Indonesia
Major: Accounting & Finance
Why I became an ISL: Seattle University is such an awesome place to study because it has a beautiful campus, loving community, and excellent education.
Why I chose Seattle University: I think becoming an International Student Leader is a great opportunity to help current and prospective international students in their development to find their career-path as well as adjusting to a foreign environment.

Photo of Huyen Nguyen 

Huyen Nguyen 

Home: Vietnam
Major: Computer Science
Why I became an ISL: I want to show other international students benefits to study and experience at Seattle University. I also want to use my voice representing for other international students on campus.
Why I chose Seattle University: I choose to study here because of its diverse environment, the small size of class, and plenty of resources to support my major. Seattle University is also in the heart of Greater Seattle area so it is very convenient for me to walk around and have fun with friends after class. Our school has a very special cafeteria as we grow our own food. Most of the food here is organic so it always provides a healthy meal. Besides, we have Night Hawk Public Safety services that can protect you around the campus.

Photo of Thu Nguyen

Thu Nguyen

Home: Vietnam
Major: Business Analytics
Why I became an ISL: I become an International Student Leader because I wanted to meet and create relationships with other people at Seattle University as well as to be a support resource for prospective and new International students who need help.
Why I chose Seattle University: I chose to study at Seattle University since this is the number one private school in the Northwest with great study and career resources for students to get ready for their future. To me, a great school is not only about having good teachers or good classes but also about having great tools to help students succeed in their future career. Seattle University with its many career and networking events is the best choice for whoever looking to build a sustainable career. 

Photo of Dalaysone Rassavong

Dalaysone Rassavong

Home: Laos
Major: Pre-major
Why I became an ISL: As an international student myself, I had faced with difficulties during the process of admission and adapting to new environments. I want to help guide students who are facing difficulties, and help them adapt to their new life!
Why I chose Seattle University: Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Studying and living in Seattle will help expand your horizon and gives you countless life opportunities!

Photo of Wendy Tafur

Wendy Tafur

Home: Ecuador
Major: Creative Writing and Theatre
Why I became an ISL: In the four years I have been at this university, I've had the opportunity to be involved in all of my areas of interest, from costuming for the theatre to working as co-editor for an arts magazine. But, there's something else I've found out I deeply enjoy. Getting involved with other international students as an orientation leader and volunteering for events.
Why I chose Seattle University: Seattle University has connected me with so many people from different backgrounds and with endless stories. I'm very grateful I can have the chance to share some of these stories now with other leaders at the International Outreach Department!