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TerminalFour Training

TerminalFour is a content management system (CMS) that allows lots of users to create and edit parts of It’s a web-based program that uses a series of templates and options, so those with limited/no experience editing websites can update their department or center’s site with ease.


All users must be approved to edit their websites before logging into T4. For questions about T4 or to request access, please contact the Web Team at

Tips Before Beginning

  • T4 can be accessed from any web browser (though Internet Explorer users may experience performance issues, so we recommend Chrome or Firefox).
  • T4 doesn’t save data unless told to, so remember to select ADD, UPDATE, or SAVE often.
  • Avoid using the browser navigation (e.g., back/forward buttons) – click on the site structure (top right corner) or cancel buttons instead.

Web Standards

The editors of are made up of web specialists, faculty, staff, and students. The content editors of each department, college, or center are responsible for creating, updating, and removing content on their respective website(s).

When updating the site, always think about how it will meet the needs of its audiences: Students, prospective students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni.

We've created templates within T4 so that will give these audiences a consistently great web experience.

If you're new to writing for the web, check out our content guidelines and web writing guide to guide you. In general:

  • Organize content into short chunks that are easy to scan
  • Utilize lists and consistent headlines to break up the page
  • Put information in content rather than in a pdf, wherever possible
  • Above all else: Keep information up-to-date and correct!


Questions about TerminalFour can be directed to the Marketing Communications Web Team at