User Permissions and Permission Levels

There are four different permission levels in TerminalFour: Contributor, Moderator, Power User and Administrator. Users are automatically added as Moderators - if you have a user that should be added at a different level, let us know at

What these permission levels mean:


Editors to make and save changes to content. Contributors cannot publish to the web or delete files - all their saved files are marked as "pending" and need to be published by Moderators, Power Users, or Administrators

This user level is good for new hires, student workers, or other content editors who need approval of their work before being published. 


Editors can make, save changes, and delete sections and files.

Power User

Power Users can create sections, save changes, and publish to the website. In addition, they can also access particular content types for code and scripts. Power Users can also add users to permissions groups.


Limited to just a few people on campus. Administrators control channels, manage users and user permissions, reports, controls, developer tools and content type administration, and can change the site's configuration.