Military, Veteran, and GI Bill Students

Students on VA Benefits

Students who utilize their VA benefits to attend Seattle University and would like to go abroad, should start planning their education abroad as soon as possible. 

Seattle University encourages students on VA benefits to explore consider including an education abroad while at Seattle U! Students may be eligible to using their GI Bill® benefits to help fund a summer, semester, or full-year study abroad experience.

NOTE: While students on the GI Bill are able to go abroad, the VA's rules on usage of these VA Benefits can be restricting. By working with your Education Abroad Advisor and your VA Representative, we can find a program that best fits your academic, financial, and personal goals.

Steps when preparing GI-Bill benefit students in the pre-departure phase:

  • Meet with your Education Abroad Advisor to learn about what programs are open to students on VA benefits.
  • Meet with a Seattle University School Certifying Official (SCO)  to determine whether or not the student is eligible to receive funding for study abroad.
  • Research various study abroad program options and determine the best program with the student. Refer to the list of VA-approved international colleges and universities to ensure that the program they have chosen will work with their benefits;
  • Continue to check in with the Education Abroad Office for additional paperwork needed to prepare for departure and with the Veterans Center to ensure that the necessary information is being transmitted between offices.