Erica Rauff, PhD

Picture of Erica Rauff

PhD, Kinesiology

Assistant Professor, Program Director, Graduate Studies

Phone: 206-296-2045

Building/Room: Casey 540-05


Erica Rauff CV (PDF) 

Erica completed her graduate education at The Pennsylvania State University in the Department of Kinesiology. Erica’s graduate studies were in the field of sport and exercise psychology where her research focused largely on the connections between excessive gestational weight gain and future obesity, with a goal of preventing excessive gestational weight through dietary and physical activity interventions in pregnancy. Erica’s current research involves examining physical activity, psychological well-being, and other health behaviors (i.e., diet, sleep) in first year college students and how the transition to college influences health behaviors. The goal of her research is to develop theoretically-based physical activity programs in first year college students to improve their health, psychological well-being, and provide these young adults with the behavioral skills and strategies they need to engage in positive health behaviors across their lifespan.

At Seattle University, Erica teaches Health & Wellness, Sport Psychology, Exercise Psychology, and Research in Exercise Science. Erica is also the faculty mentor for Exercise is Medicine and is passionate about promoting physical activity in the campus community and encouraging students to become exercise leaders on campus. Outside of work, Erica enjoys running, biking, swimming, hiking, and skiing. She spends much of her free time being active in the outdoors with her husband and their black Labrador retriever.