Mentorship Program

Alumni Mentorship Program

Connecting you with our students and the Communication Department

Alumni Mentoring 3 2020We design partnerships to draw on your valuable experience in order to help current students navigate the challenges of post-graduate life. Mentors and students will have the opportunity to connect with one another a few times a year.


Alumni Mentoring 1 2020We value your experience and knowledge and strive to connect undergraduates to alumni for the mutual benefit of leadership development. Our alums have a variety of strengths, skills, and real-life experience they can draw from in supporting students. Whether a student is passionate about public relations, journalism, or wants to break into an uncharted industry, alumni of the Communication Department at Seattle U can mentor and help students through the process.


Alumni Mentoring 2 2020Involvement in the Communication and Media Alumni Mentorship Program can expand your professional development and learning outside of the classroom. Having a sounding board to provide advice, guidance, and connections is invaluable as you transition from college into your chosen field. The program is open to current junior and seniors.

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The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to helping each student explore their lifetime journey toward a life of meaning and purpose that starts here, on the SU campus. Through our professional formation initiatives, we provide opportunities to develop skills and networks that help students start building career paths, opening doors, and expanding possibilities for the future.

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