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To begin the process of getting an internship, proceed through the following steps:

  1. Begin the internship process by reviewing the requirements and resources on the Arts and Sciences Professional Formation page.
  2. Set up a meeting with the CMME internship coordinator about your goals, finding the right internship, application processes, etc.
  3. Submit your paperwork on Handshake for the sponsoring faculty member’s approval. Follow the Student Internship Registration Instructions (PDF)
  4. Once you are registered, your internship coordinator will enroll you in a Canvas page where you will have a series of assignments, including the following:
  • five journal entries
  • attending two professional development events (and doing a short write-up of both)
  • participating in the CMME project fair
  • a short evaluation of internship (paper and meeting)
  • your time sheet, documenting hours

Internship Coordinator

James Clune


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