Consortium of Interdisciplinary Scholars

Dr. Jennifer Schulz, Coordinator

consortium – from Latin: a community of goods

College of Arts and SciencesAlbers School of Business and EconomicsCollege of EducationCollege of NursingCollege of Science and Engineering ● School of LawSchool of Theology and Ministry ●  School of New and Continuing Studies

The Consortium of Interdisciplinary Scholars is currently comprised of over 150 professors and staff from all colleges and schools who are interested in crossing disciplinary boundaries, meeting colleagues from across campus, and supporting each other in our whole humanness as teachers, scholars, and staff, and supporting each other's students in their interdisciplinary work. 

OUR MISSION: To provide inspiration and support for faculty and staff interdisciplinary scholarship and other projects and to provide expert advice for students pursuing projects across disciplines. We are grounded in the core principle inspired by activist and author, adrienne maree brown, "Less prep, more presence." 

HOW IT WORKS: When a professor identifies a student who may benefit from consulting with a specialist in another discipline, the professor sends a request to the Consortium ( on behalf of the student. Interested professors respond. Also, the Steering Committee arranges opportunities for cross-school engagement between faculty throughout the academic year.

MEMBERSHIP: There are no obligations, and this is open to full-time and part-time faculty and staff. If you would like to be added to the Consortium, please contact Dr. Jen Schulz. Consider sharing your perspective and expertise.


Ajay Abraham (Albers)
Vinod Acharya (AS)
Alexandra Adame (AS)
Saheed Adejumobi (AS)
Robert Aguirre(AS)
Ken Allan (AS)
Jeffrey Anderson (Education)
Robert Andolina
Josephine Archibald (SCE)
Sven Arvidson (AS)
Gary Atkins (AS)
Phil Barclift (AS)
Sonia Barrios Tinoco (AS)
John Bean (AS)
Lydia Bello(Library)
Kathryn Bollich-Ziegler (AS)
Robert Boruchowitz (Law)
Bonnie Bowie (Nursing)
Lisa Brodoff (Law)
Peter Brous (Albers)
Patrick Brown (Law)
June Johnson Bube (AS)
Bonnie Buchanan (Albers)
Maria Bullon-Fernandez (AS)
Heather Carballo (Nursing)
John Carter (Sci&Eng)
Mark Chinen (Law)
Niranjan "Chips" Chipalkatti (Albers)
Natalie Cisneros (AS)
Terri Clark (Nursing)
Molly Clark Hillard (AS)
Mark Cohan (AS)
Marc Cohen (Albers and AS)
Miles Coleman (SNCS)
Peter Collins (AS)
Leann Conley-Holcum (AS)
Kathleen Cook (AS)
Serena Cosgrove (AS)
Charisse Cowan Pitre (Education)
Karen Cowgill (Nursing)
Reilly Curran (Library)
Amelia Derr (AS)
Dan Dombrowski (AS)
Yancy Dominick (AS)
Michelle DuBois (Sci&Eng)
Heather DePuydt (Nursing)
Russel Duvernoy (AS)
Theresa Earenfight (AS)
Rob Efird (AS)
Rose Ernst (AS)
Maureen Feit (AS)
Holly Slay Ferraro (Albers)
Brian Fischer (Sci & Eng)
Andrea Fontana (Jesuit Identity)
Ted Fortier (AS)
Jennifer Fricas (Nursing)
Claire Garoutte (AS)
Mary Graham (Education)
David Green (AS)
Francisco Guerrero (AS)
Hazel Hahn (AS)
Steen Halling (AS)
Tanya Hayes (AS)
Mark Hearn (STM)
Jacqueline Helfgott (AS)
Allison Henrich (Sci&Eng)
Matthew Hickman (AS)
Bridget Hiedemann (Albers)
Julie Homchick Crow(AS)
Roxanne Hornbeck (AS)
Randall Horton (AS)
Wesley Howard-Brook (AS)
Audrey Hudgins (AS)
Joanne Hughes Clark (Sci&Eng)
Naomi Hume (AS)
Wai-Shun Hung (AS)
Le Xuan Hy (AS)
Jessica Imanaka (Albers)
Matthew Isaac (Albers)
Nalini Iyer (AS)
Jean Jacoby (Sci&Eng)
Sonora Jha (AS)
Stacey Jones (Albers)
Rosa Joshi (AS)
Paulette Kidder (AS)
Kent Koth (AS)
Kevin Krycka (AS)
Jacob Kysar (AS)
Douglas Latch (Sci&Eng)
Wesley Lauer (Sci&Eng)
Charles Lawrence (AS)
Lauren Lawson (Nursing)
Kristi Lee (Education)
Kan Liang (AS)
Emily Lieb (AS)
Erica Lilleleht (AS)
Jennifer Loertscher (Sci&Eng)
Henry Louie (Sci&Eng)
Dave Madsen (AS)
Jasmine Mahmoud (AS)
Rick Malleus (AS)
Jennifer Marrone (Albers)
Kira Mauseth (AS)
Rebecca McNamara (AS)
Bob Menanteaux (Law)
Susan Meyers (AS)
Jason Miller (AS)
Janice Moskalik (AS)
Alexander Mouton (AS)
Elise Murowchick (AS)
Felipe Murtinho (AS)
David Neel (Sci&Eng)
Jodi O’Brien (AS)
William O'Connell (Education)
Christopher Paul (AS)
Gary Perry (AS)
Dean Peterson (Albers)
Trung Pham (AS)
Harriet Phinney (AS)
Manivong Ratts (Education)
Erica Rauff (AS)
Peter Raven (Albers)
Victor Reinking (AS)
Stephen Rice (AS)
Meenaksh Rishi (Albers)
Stacey Robbins (Education)
Christina Roberts (AS)
Nova Robinson (AS)
Mark Roddy (Education)
Bryan Ruppert (Albers)
Ebasa Sarka (AS)
Jennifer Schulz (AS)
Ben Schultz-Figueroa(AS)
Geneva Sedgwick (Albers)
Eric Severson (AS)
Alic Shook (Nursing)
Aakanksha Sinha (AS)
Kristen Skogerboe (Sci&Eng)
McLean Sloughter (Sci&Eng)
Mary Antoinette Smith (AS)
Jeffery Smith (Albers)
Dean Spade (Law)
Heath Spencer (AS)
Michael Spinetta (AS)
Ben Stork (AS)
Erin Swezey (Education)
Pamela Taylor (Education)
Maria Tedesco (AS)
Kirsten Thompson (AS)
Phillip Thompson (Sci&Eng)
Hannah Tracy (AS)
Galen Trail (Albers)
Michael Trice (STM)
Jerome Veith (AS)
Patricia Venegas-Weber (Education)
Mehmet Vurkaç (Sci&Eng)
Luke Ware (NCS)
Zach Wood (AS)
Enyu Zhang (AS)

Official Launch was Fall 2009
For more information contact Dr. Jennifer Schulz


Over 150 members

Steering Committee

Ken Allan (AS)
Erica Lilleleht (AS)
Jen Marrone (Albers)
Alic Shook (Nursing)


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