The Internship Process

  • You must complete an internship of (at least) 3 credits, which is equivalent to 90 hours of supervised work with the hosting organization.  Ideally, you will complete the internship after your sophomore year once you have chosen a specialization.
  • The internship is your opportunity to explore your interests and apply what you have learned in the classroom to a workplace setting.  
  • You should start your internship search several weeks ahead of the quarter in which you plan to begin the internship. The EVST Internship Coordinator (currently, Dr. John Armstrong) can help you to develop an internship plan that meets your academic and career goals.

Registering for an Internship

Before you can register for your internship, you must:

  • Meet with the Internship Coordinator to discuss your internship and
  • Complete the appropriate SU registration materials through the handshake internship portal. 

For more information, assistance and helpful internship tips and hints, please visit the College of Arts and Sciences Pathways to Professional Formation in the College Advising Office and review the following resources:


Before the last day of classes of the quarter during which you complete your internship, you must complete and submit the following documents to the Internship Coordinator:

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Organizations that Offer Internships 

Our Students In Action 

Sanya Cowal, '21

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Sanya interned as a researcher for Oregon Water Stories, a partnership between the PSU, Willamette Partnerships and The Nature Conservancy. She investigated the perspectives of Oregonians surrounding water and equity to inform just water policy. "This internship perfectly combined my passion for the environment and my interest in making just natural resource policy. I read a lot of interviews from a community of Portlanders experiencing homelessness, and their experiences with water. Their perspectives on natural resource accessibility and equity were very powerful."