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The moving image is central to our contemporary lives. From our phones to our tablets, televisions and cameras, we turn to the screen for entertainment, information and pleasure.

Behind the scenes with SU Filmmakers' Club (2018) a space for aspiring filmmakers to discuss ideas and collaborate on projects! (New 2023 Club video to be uploaded soon!)

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In-depth knowledge of the art of the moving image

From movies and television to social media and virtual reality, the BA in Film & Media at Seattle U places film, television and media in their cultural, historical and global contexts.

The BA explores our image-saturated culture by teaching you about the history, aesthetics, technologies and industries of visual culture and teaching you to make your own creative films. You will be developing critical skills in writing, independent research and historical analysis and acquiring key media literacy skills for your future.

You can major or minor in Film & Media, and you can combine it with other majors/minors in journalism, creative writing, digital design, or anything you want. Seattle U offers a wide variety of paths to take!

What do students like about studying film at Seattle U?

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Explore your options, discover your role

Students interested in film production can also study screenwriting, narrative, documentary and experimental filmmaking and take advanced classes in producing, industrial film, editing, sound and cinematography.

You can connect with Seattle University's mission for social justice by going out into communities and telling stories of the Northwest. You might make a documentary about a Syrian refugee or a migrant worker or volunteer with a nonprofit organization on local or national issues to help create social change.

After you graduate, you might use your film and media skills as a writer, editor, journalist, curator, programmer, teacher or artist. You might work on social media for a large company like Amazon, Google or NBC, or make your own creative projects in film, television, gaming or the web. You may also consider going on to do graduate work in film studies or film production.

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Seattle is a vibrant center for film and video game production

With major companies like Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks, and Microsoft headquartered here, SU students find internship opportunities in a wide range of corporate settings. They also work with leading film organizations like the Seattle International Film Festival, Reel Grrls, and Northwest Film Forum.

Through internships, you can get hands-on experience in film programming, or help produce films for local non profits. Getting professional experience by shadowing someone who is a curator, scholar, artist, producer or programmer is vital for building your resume and making the connections that will help you break into a particular industry or carve out a career path. 50 % of all internships lead to permanent job offers. Start your career today!

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  • Kirsten Thompson, PhD

    Kirsten Thompson, PhD

    Chair and Professor, Film & Media

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