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Fall Quarter 2022

To see all of the Fall Quarter courses and read more information about them: Film Course Offerings Fall 2022.

FILM 2007-01: Animation

Animation of four purple elephants playing instruments.

This class will focus on both animation history and theory, from the 1890s to the present, considering various techniques, among them stop-motion, cel animation, and digital animation. We will pay attention to the evolving ideologies of animation, considering such questions of how animated film has been defined and for which audiences it has been intended.

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FILM 2101-01: Screenwriting I

Typewriter text and papers collaged with the word 'Screenwriting.'

This course serves as an introduction to the art and craft of screenwriting with a hands-on approach. Students will learn the basic concepts of storytelling for the screen by reading/discussing scripts and by writing their own. The emphasis will be on how the core elements of character, conflict and dramatic structure can be used to tell universal stories as well as express one’s personal voice and vision on a screen.

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FILM 3105-01: Remix Media

A collage of found film footage and news events.

Calling all filmmakers, remixers, mash-up artists and cinephiles! This production course will examine the dynamic and distinctly modern practice of found footage film and media production. We will consider the practice of “recycling” images and sounds, and the possibility of finding new use for that which has been discarded, a use perhaps not intended by the original “owner” or “creator.” We will explore the history of the “found object,” collage, appropriation, sampling, as well as issues of authorship and originality, ownership, cultural critique, autobiography and parody, through the work of a diverse range of artists and filmmakers.

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Want to receive credit for an internship?

Every student is strongly encouraged to consider taking at least ONE internship for credit in Fall Quarter and one additional (paid or unpaid) no credit internship before you graduate. It’s an essential way to network and gain professional experience!

According to a recent study from Michigan State University,* employers go on to offer 50 percent of their interns fulltime jobs.

(*Collegiate Employment Research Institute, Report, 2017. Study reported in NY Times, April 7, 2017)

What types of internships can I find?

Hundreds of national and local opportunities available on Handshake

Here are just a sampling of recent internships featured on Handshake, the platform that offers you access to internships, career information and more.

Finding the right internship

What do I do next?

Check out the College of Arts and Sciences' Pathways to Professional Formation website with information about internships and how to get them.

Create a Student account on the new national website, Handshake, to search for internships and apply for them.

If you know an employer who might be a suitable candidate for an internship, get them to register themselves on Handshake here and then post the position there. Instructions for posting jobs are available here.

Do you have more questions? Make an appointment with the Career Engagement Office.

We also have a number of dedicated internships that are reserved just for Film Majors!

Once you have found a suitable internship, fill out the internship packet. These are available, with the instructions, below. Then, make an appointment with Dr. Thompson to register for 5 credits (or less) for the next quarter.

Email Dr. Kirsten Moana Thompson, Internship Director, Film Department.


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