Prospective Students

BA, Film Studies

Major: 65 Credits | Minor: 30 Credits

All film classes are five (5) credits.

BA, Film Studies

What can I study in Film?

Major: Film Studies

Major: Film Studies

Minor: Film Studies

Minor: Film Studies

  • Ranked Top 15%

    Ranked Top 15%

    Overall Best College

  • Ranked in top 10%

    Ranked in top 10%

    Arts & Sciences/Humanities

  • Top 5% Highest Paid

    Top 5% Highest Paid

    Arts & Sciences/Humanities Graduates

  • Top 15% Highest Paid

    Top 15% Highest Paid

    Communication and Media Studies Graduates


  • Kirsten Thompson, PhD

    Kirsten Thompson, PhD

    Professor and Director of Film Studies

  • Shawn Bell

    Administrative Assistant

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