Amina Moujtahid

Photo of Amina Moujtahid

Assistant Teaching Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures

Phone: 206-296-2467

Building/Room: Xavier 113

Amina Moujtahid CV (PDF)

I have been teaching Arabic and French for over twenty years in language institute, community college and university settings. I joined Seattle University in 2011, teaching first and second year French. I combine French language acquisition with increased student awareness of cultural issues in France as well as in the broader world of the Francophone countries. I established the Arabic language program at Seattle University in 2016 and, in 2018, the Arabic minor in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures as well as our annual Arabic Summer Study Abroad Program in Rabat, Morocco. The introduction of traditional Arabic and Islamic cultural material, particularly drawn from the great scientists of the classical period, is a core component of my curriculum. The involvement of students in short research projects on the historical cities and prominent thinkers of the Golden Age with biweekly reports to the class is a key component of my pedagogical approach.