Why Social Work?

Finding Your Place in Social Work

You may find our social work major after arriving in college. Perhaps you engaged in volunteer service at your high school or through your faith community, where the work to help others is rarely referred to as social work and often does not include a social analysis lens.

Social work as a profession is rarely seen on TV or in movies and if it is, it is portrayed in inaccurate or stereotypical ways (i.e., removing children from homes). You may find yourself confused and desire clarity between the “helping” professions, (i.e., social work, psychology, nursing, public policy, nonprofit leadership). Perhaps you have known a family member or close friend who is a social worker and therefore have a view of the broad spectrum of the career. You may have received and benefitted from social work services in your school, community, or medical settings.

Foremost, students who seek a path to help others, improve society, and advocate for just social conditions land in social work.

Is Social Work a Good Fit for Me?

To learn more about your potential fit with social work, review and answer these questions.

Taken from: Morales, A. T., Sheafor, B. W., & Scott, M.E. (2012). Social work: A profession of many faces. (12th ed.) Needham Heights, MA: Allyn and Bacon. 

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