Center for Global Business

The Albers Center for Global Business is an engine by which we permeate interest and generate involvement with global business issues. It is a platform to showcase our global focus and leverage our competencies to provide superior education to our students and conduct research on critical issues with respect to international trade and global competitiveness, with outreach to businesses and policy makers as well as academics.

Program Focus

The Albers Center for Global Business focuses on the development of programs that:

  • Support faculty and student global awareness and acumen-curriculum development, study and teaching abroad, research that creates new knowledge on which scholars, students, and business practitioners can build.
  • Provide assistance to the business community in Washington and the wider Western region, as practitioners encounter the challenges of global business. 
  • Reach beyond the academic and business environments to collaborate with and educate other publics regarding the significance of the global environment.
  • Initiate and develop interdisciplinary, collaborative programs that explore global issues.

How the Albers Center for Global Business Can Help You

Undergraduate Students

MBA Students

Albers School of Business & Other SU Faculty


  • International Scholars
  • Regional Businesses
  • Global Business Education assistance beyond the university.

The Albers Center for Global Business's reach stretches beyond the Albers School of Business and Economics and Seattle University. ACGB offers support and assistance to:

  • Faculty members from other schools and universities looking for methods, materials, and an expanded network for implementing internationalization at their own institutions.
  • The business community, as it faces the challenges of a global economy, and economic policymakers.

Collaboration is key to effective outreach. We welcome your ideas.