Albers-SJIM Virtual Competition

Students (virtually) come together from across the globe in collaboration to solve some of the worlds most pressing issues. Video created by Nils Gollersrud, Bridge MBA '20. 

International Social Impact Business Plan Competition

In this competition, students from Seattle University, St. Joseph’s Institute of Management (SJIM) in Bangalore, India, and other Jesuit universities around the globe come together in collaboration to create a business solutions for a pressing social problem. 

Teams work together to create a social-impact business plan that addresses the competition topic.  Teams are intentionally made of students from all schools to consider the causes, effects, and possible solutions to global issues from a larger perspective.

The topic is different each year. Past topics include the following: 

  • 2022: Urban Green Spaces
  • 2021: Responsible Consumption
  • 2020: Universal Digital Inclusion
  • 2019: Food Insecurity
  • 2018: Combatting Fake News
  • 2017: Bringing Recycling to Bangalore, India

Though this program is hosted by the St. Joseph's Institute of Management and the Albers School of business, all Seattle University students of all courses/departments/programs/schools are encouraged to participate!

Have questions? Want to know more about the program? 

In the competition, we were able to use information we have learned in class and apply it to our business, as well as really refine our researching skills. The process taught us how to write a business proposal, and showed us what a proper business presentation looks like. We have also built relationships that we wouldn’t have been able to before (including having new friends on Facebook!), and we will be able to use these relationships in the future!

Keisha Lugito, Kyle Yoo, and Anne Transier 2018 Winning Team Members


Peter Rowan

Lawrence K. Johnson Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship

Amelia Marckworth

Director of Community