Past Winners

Where are they now?

Our Past Grand Prize Winning Teams

Vincent Reitinger, Peter Rowan, and Shen Ren with grand prize of $20K at the 2023 Harriet Stephenson Business Plan Competition

2023: SMERTechnology to extend transplant organ viability from 24 hours to months to significantly improve organ transplantation accessibility.

  • Pursuing patents and prototyping

2022: Ellebit | All-in-one private dining booking platform for customers and venues to easily manage reservations in real-time.

2021: Syntek Medical | Innovative and simple medical device to ensure safe intra-hospital transportation for patients

2020: Nature's Label | Eco-friendly alternative to plastic PLU produce stickers

2019: eDoula (prev. ‘Hatch’) | Digital pregnancy and birthing support app used in hospitals

  • Pilot launched at Evergreen Health

2018: Vita Inclinata Technologies Drone technology to stabilize helicopter swing loads.

2017: Discovery Health Specialized healthcare and patient support for maritime workers

  • Accepted in to the first cohort of the Washington State Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator established by Washington Maritime Blue, the Port of Seattle and WeWork Labs in January 2020.

2016: The Madrone School Nonprofit school for children with Autism in Redmond.

  • Opened a second location in Woodinville in January 2020!

Our Past Prize Winning Teams


  • 1st Place Prize: SMER - Vincent Rettinger, BSME '25
  • 2nd Place Prize: JANE - Heidi Dishneau, LEMBA '23
  • 3rd Place Prize: Oakmoss Laboratory Setup Services - Irina Mueller, PMBA '23
  • 4th Place Prize: SmartDash AI - Zachary Jeffreys, MSCS '23
  • The John Castle Award: HomeFiltered - Aaron Bekken, LEMBA ’23
  • The Swilo Social Innovation Award: Campalicious - Shilpa Allimatti, EMBA ’23
  • Pitch Judges Award: Idli on Wheels - Preeti Suryakumar, MSBA ’23
  • Tradeshow Judge Award: FaceMarket - Yamato Suizi, EE ’26
  • Audience Choice Award: Encocoa - Dawn Meader McCausland, PMBA ’23


  • 1st Place Prize: Ellebit - Anna Del Toro (LEMBA ’20)
  • 2nd Place Prize: 45th Street Seating - Blake Garfield (LEMBA '22), Krystal Garfield (PMBA '22)
  • 3rd Place Prize: Lynk - Jaidev Vella (Business Management ’22), Joseph "JP" Newmann (Interdisciplinary Studies ’22)
  • 4th Place Prize: Loqui - Anthony Ansay, Sanjana Satheesh, Melissa Kallander, Kenny He (Bridge MBA ‘22)
  • The John Castle Award: OutPlayed Gaming - Jessica Berlin, Kevin Hernon, Alvaro Vazquez, Emma Tamura, Ahmed Ugas (Bridge MBA ‘22)
  • The Swilo Social Innovation Award: Inspire Kids Early Learning Center - Ananya Jauhari (MS Finance ‘22 ), Nasteha Muse (Alumni- MBA)
  • Pitch Judges Award: Tech4REFUGEES - Afrikaan Sahra (Computer Science ‘22)
  • Tradeshow Judge Award: Sanima Millk - Chris Dempewolf (LEMBA ‘22), Ellen Zouras, Joelle Prokupek
  • Audience Choice Award: Spin Doctor - Siddarth Bhagwat (MBA Alumni),Casey Gould (MBA ‘22), John Tran


  • 1st Place Prize: Syntek Medical - Tawny Fajardo (BS Nursing ’13 & BA Humanities ‘13)
  • 2nd Place Prize: Spirited - Kendal Swinski (LEMBA ‘21)
  • 3rd Place Prize: Happy Hound Products - Camberly Gilmartin (LEMBA ’21)
  • 4th Place Prize: Ethos - Lysie Taylor (LEMBA ’21)
  • The John Castle Award: James & Son - Stephanie Jamieson (MBA ’20)
  • The Swilo Social Innovation Award: Handimaps - Vishaal Diwan (MSBA ’22)
  • Pitch Judges Award: Smash Bakery - Olivia Moore (Bridge MBA ’21)
  • Tradeshow Judge Award: Offset.Life - Alexander Kipp (MBA ’21)
  • Audience Choice Award: Davis, Stover, Vranizan PLLC - Christopher Davis (JD ’21)


  • 1st Place Prize: Nature’s Label - Arya Mathew (BA CS ‘20)
  • 2nd Place Prize: Delta Bee - David King Traub (LEMBA ‘20)
  • 3rd Place Prize: Pail - Kristian Swank (LEMBA ‘20)
  • 4th Place Prize: Solar Dot - Jake Zeigler (BABA ‘21)
  • The John Castle Award: Better Mankind: The HappyGo App - Derrick Peters (MBA ‘11)
  • The Swilo Social Innovation Award: Up & Up - Sharon Ideguchi (BABA ‘20)
  • Pitch Judges Award: One2Cook - Thomas Martig (LEMBA ‘20)
  • Tradeshow Judge Award: MODICA - William Gibbs (BS Mechanical Engineering ‘08)
  • Audience Choice Award: Votegrity - Tom Thomas (LEMBA ‘20)


  • 1st Place Prize: Hatch - Bettina Paek (LEMBA '19)
  • 2nd Place Prize: Teak & Timber - Daniel McConnell (PMBA), Darby Stearns (PMBA)
  • 3rd Place Prize: Start Date - Jessica Bishop (LEMBA '18), Taysser Gherfal, Ali Anderson
  • 4th Place Prize: Cash Butte Distillery - Julia Bringolf (PMBA), Arielle Newcomb (PMBA), Eric Lein (PMBA)
  • The John Castle Award: Lyfe Tech - William Luckett (UG, Business), Alexis Figueroa-Guttierez
  • The Swilo Social Innovation Award: Garden Grounds - Audrey Nevue (UG, Finance & Marketing), Kyla Cantillo (UG, Marketing), Matt Heffel (UG, Finance & Marketing), Alejandro Ramirez (UG, Business), Jake Zeigler (UG, Business, Caleb Dickinson-Cove (UG, Business), John Gavin (UG, Accounting & Business Analytics), Andrew Freemuth (UG, Graphic Design)
  • Pitch Judges Award: Erudition Construction - Denise Burnside (LEMBA), Brian Burnside 
  • Tradeshow Judge Award: 2nd Degree Snacks - Teresa Slosson (LEMBA), Kristy Foster, Ally Nisbet, Randy Henson
  • Audience Choice Award: Neural Synergy - Duron Jones (BA, Business '14), Nina Cook (Neuroscience '17)


  • 1st Place Prize: Vita Inclinata Technologies - Caleb Carr (Law), Brittany Bourcy (Business Undgraduate)
  • 2nd Place Prize: Arevo Health - Ryan Fix (Leadership Executive MBA)
  • 3rd Place Prize: GrowZones - Tim Sipiora, Mike Laveson (MBA)
  • 4th Place Prize: No Fry Zone - Danielle Quint, Michelle Draper, Ashley Quint, Bailey Quint (Leadership Executive MBA)
  • Runner Up: Air in Action - Bayley Guy (BA, Finance), Patrick Curtis (BA, Marketing), Kavya Shanmuganathan (BA, Business Analytics), Allie Saunders (BA, Economics)
  • Swilo Social Innovation Award: Jose’s Little Taste of Venezuela - Jose Maragall (Bridge MBA), Samuel Chanen (Bridge MBA), Taylor Cloud (Bridge MBA), Demetra Annest (Bridge MBA), Chase Wilson (Bridge MBA)
  • The John Castle Award: CareerLight - Yan Tang (PMBA), Mohand Alturky (PMBA), Shreya Mehta (PMBA)
  • Above & Beyond Award: Lykosa - Tyler Wade (Law), Kon Petrov (JD/MBA), Derik Vranizan (Law), Lauren Fletcher, Michael Saito (BA, Finance; Economics) Kendell Snow (BA, Business Economics)
  • Pitch Judges Award: Knotted Titans Workshop - Jessica Bishop (LEMBA)
  • Tradeshow Audience Award: WAT Upfitting - Kim Nakatani (LEMBA)
  • Tradeshow Audience Award: Wellness Getaways - Chelsea Adamson (LEMBA)


  • 1st Place Prize: Discovery Health - Ann Jarris (Leadership Executive MBA), Ray Jarris, Afsar Ali, Matthew Bateman, Marina Furtado
  • 2nd Place Prize: Mot Mot Coffee Company - Braden Wild, Hannah Rips, Sadie Lopez, Bailey Guy (Albers UG)
  • 3rd Place Prize: Brew University - Zach Johnston, Ian Bedell, Ilse Torres, Parker Funai (Bridge MBA)
  • 4th Place Prize: CooperKadeAlyssa Goodchild (MBA)
  • Runner Up: Nuciano - Joy Egbejimba (Executive MBA), Jude Egbejimba, Alicia Tang (Albers UG)
  • Social Innovation Award: MiMi Globe Goods - Scott Fetz, Matt Heffel, John Gavin (Albers UG; Enactus)
  • Pitch Judges Award: RecruiterReach - Gagan Khinda, Chase Jenkins, Emily Barr, Malu Tang (MBA)
  • Tradeshow Judges Award: Cosmopolitan Choices - Spencer Townley (Professional MBA), Cindy Townley
  • Tradeshow Audience Award: Pearls for Girls - Sierra Harden, Samantha Garrard, Caroline Engs, Lauren Fricke (Bridge MBA)


Peter Rowan

Lawrence K. Johnson Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship

Amelia Marckworth

Director of Community