IEC Mission

The SeattleU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) was founded in 1990 within the Albers School of Business & Economics, thanks to a generous Jones Foundation grant.  In 2000, Kent Johnson created the Lawrence K. Johnson Endowed Entrepreneurship Chair, in honor of his father.  

The IEC is an active business gymnasium that accelerates “fit for the future” SeattleU students so they can apply entrepreneurship theory and innovation to solve real-life problems, launch new ventures that reflect their core values, interests, and talents, and advance the common good through social entrepreneurship and business innovation.  SeattleU students have access to a core Innovation & Entrepreneurship curriculum that includes an undergraduate minor and graduate certificate, as well as integrated experiential learning, within the Albers School of Business and Economics. The IEC annually engages and serves hundreds of students, alumni, volunteers, and local businesses, and recently won the AACSB 2017 Entrepreneurship Spotlight Award. The IEC operates from two shared offices in the Pigott building on campus.

IEC Mission: To accelerate entrepreneurial leaders for the common good.

IEC Vision:  To attract, develop, and produce entrepreneurial leaders who meaningfully impact organizations and advance the common good.

IEC Focus: The IEC serves primarily current SeattleU students across all disciplines with a secondary focus on businesses in the region.  Its strategic plan includes the following core concentrations:

  1. Curriculum: Offer integrated curriculum and experiential learning programs that exceed the expectations of students and businesses.
  2. Accelerate student competencies in leadership and innovation through coaching and training.
  3. Community + Connections: Deepen and extend business community outreach and engagement.


Peter Rowan

Lawrence K. Johnson Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship

Amelia Marckworth

Director of Community