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The Jones Idea Challenge Reverse Corporate Pitch Competition (Jones Idea Challenge for short) is a competition for undergraduate students with entrepreneurial drive. The program challenges participants to solve real company problems, work with a team business coach, and compete for cash prizes. In the end, the Jones Idea Challenge produces innovative student solutions for real business problems. The program looks something like this: 

  1. Companies pitch a problem on the chosen theme in person on campus.
  2. Teams of 1-3 students select a problem to solve and then work closely with a business coach to create an innovative solution.
  3. Teams will pitch back their solutions.
  4. Company Judges will award first, second, and third place prizes with cash prizes!

The Jones Idea Challenge requires many people and organizations to be successful. Companies pitch their themed problem, and teams of students find an ‘intra-preneurial’ solution for a problem. Local professionals serve as team coaches, which work closely to advise a team on their solution idea. Company representatives are available to answer questions and provide additional information to a team. Company judges score teams based on their pitched solutions. So, there's a little something for everybody!

The Jones Idea Challenge brings together like-minded entrepreneurial students to solve real-world problems for real companies. Students benefit from learning to work in a team and pitching to companies. They also can network and form relationships with business professionals. Companies get the opportunity to give back to the community. By working with entrepreneurial driven students, companies gain insight into how the next generation of students think and can form relationships with potential future business leaders.

Have questions? Want to know more about the program? We are happy to chat with you! 

Please reach out to Amelia Marckworth via email (marckwor@seattleu.edu), or through her Calendly (see contact box on the right).


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Peter Rowan

Lawrence K. Johnson Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship


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Amelia Marckworth