Curriculum & Degree Requirements

The program is designed as a 12-month, full-time, accelerated, cohort MBA program requiring the completion of 48 credits, including 14 three-credit courses, one a six-credit capstone course, year-long co-curricular activities and a professional internship.

Preparatory Work

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will need to complete any required preparatory work during the summer before starting the program. Preparatory work is designed to assure that incoming students who do not have a strong quantitative background have the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in the program. Preparatory work, delivered online, includes:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Quantitative Methods (Statistics)
  • Math for Management (Algebra & Finance)
  • Excel Level 1 Certification

Our acceptance timeline leaves plenty of time to complete the preparatory work before the start of Fall quarter. Depending on undergraduate coursework and/or work experience, some or all pre-requisites may be waived. This will be evaluated by our admission staff during the admissions process and we will specify in the acceptance letter what, if any, preparatory work you will need to complete. Completion is a condition of beginning fall classes.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements from Seattle University's 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog.

I. Required Courses

Fall Quarter - The Language of Business

Courses Credits
BRMB 5200 Business Economics 3
BRMB 5205 Accounting for Business   3
BRMB 5210 Project Management 3
BRMB 5215 Organizational Behavior 3
Total Credits 12

Winter Quarter - The Analytical Process

Courses Credits
BRMB 5220 Information Systems in the Digital World 3
BRMB 5225 Financial Management 3
BRMB 5230 Marketing Strategy 3
BRMB 5250 Business Ethics 3
Total Credits 12

Spring Quarter - Decision-Making

Courses Credits
BRMB 5235 Operations & Supply Chain Management 3
BRMB 5240 Business Analytics and Data Modeling 3
BRMB 5245 Legal Aspects of Business 3
BRMB 5265 Collaborative Problem Solving, Negotiation, & Conflict Resolution 3
Total Credits 12

Summer Quarter - Integration

Courses Credits
BRMB 5255 Business Practicum 3
BRMB 5260 Creativity and Innovation 3
BRMB 5270 Business Strategy-Capstone Course 6
Total Credits 12

Program Schedule

Term Courses Per Quarter Days of the week Time
Fall Quarter Four 3-credit courses M/T/W/Th  9 a.m. – 11:40 a.m.
Winter Quarter Four 3-credit courses M/T/W/Th  9 a.m. – 11:40 a.m. 
Spring Quarter Four 3-credit courses M/T/W/Th  9 a.m. – 11:40 a.m. 
Summer Quarter Two courses:
one 3-credit
one 6-credit capstone course
M/T/W, or Th  5:30 p.m. – 8:40 p.m.

The Bridge MBA class schedule allows for internships to be conducted part-time in the afternoons or on Fridays during Winter or Spring quarters, or fulltime during Summer quarter.

Co-Curricular Activities

The Bridge MBA is designed specifically for young professionals who are in the early stages of their careers. To assist you as you navigate this phase of your professional development, we have carefully designed a year’s worth of co-curricular activities to support you in your growth and development, to assist you in your job search and to prepare you for a career post-graduation, in a position and in an industry of your choosing. The co-curricular activities are a key component of the program and participation is required. Co-curricular activities include a Program Orientation the week before Fall quarter, participation in the Career Readiness Series, a sequence of career development seminars and placement center activities to help with career planning, attendance at the Executive Speaker Series, partaking in the Mentor Program, and completion of an Internship.

Program Orientation

Just before the start of the Fall quarter, you will gather for a week-long orientation where you will be introduced to your new cohort. Together, you will dive into the program while meeting the support team with whom you will be working with throughout the year. In addition to program information, orientation activities include teambuilding exercises, a business simulation, a series of short seminars and a weekend retreat. The orientation is designed to help create a collaborative environment and to get you and your team members excited about the year ahead.

Career Readiness Series

As Bridge MBA student, you will enjoy an integrated career readiness program specifically tailored to your accelerated schedule. Throughout the year, you will receive ongoing professional development support from a team including your Graduate Student Career Advisor from the Albers Placement Center, your Graduate Programs Advisor and your Bridge MBA instructors. This team will familiarize you with the resources available for your career search, help you develop the materials you will need to support your search, and be available for guidance along the way. You will have access to assessment instruments to help you understand where your strengths lie and professional guidance to help you assess fit with potential career and job opportunities. You will participate in monthly seminars including resume development, LinkedIn techniques, career design, mock interviews, salary negotiations, etc. and have access to quarterly career fairs hosted by the Albers School of Business and Economics. The team will be available to support you through the interview process, and even help you review and negotiate offers. The career readiness program is designed to help you explore options and research possibilities as you work to identify what industries interest you, what kinds of companies you want to work for, and most importantly, what you want to do post-graduation.

Executive Speaker Series

To assist in your development as a leader, you will attend the Albers School of Business and Economics’ Executive Speaker Series, where top executives from the business world’s most recognizable brands and companies share the stories behind their success, their leadership secrets, and the biggest obstacles they have faced and overcome.

Mentor Program

As Bridge MBA student, you get to participate in the Albers School of Business and Economics’ esteemed Mentor Program. Paired with a upper level business executive from a leading Puget Sound company or organization, you will meeting once a month, and have the opportunity to develop business contacts, access industry information, and gain valuable insights from an experienced and successful professional.


A key component of the Bridge MBA program is the opportunity to gain experience in a field of interest through an internship. You will complete either a part-time internship during the winter or spring quarters, or a full-time internship during summer quarter (minimum of 150 hours required).

The program in terms of the courses was excellent, and the internship and the mentor program made this MBA experience very well-rounded. The level of support I received was unparalleled and anytime I needed to schedule a meeting with a professor, program director or career counselling, the process was simple and quick. Even after graduating from this program, the career advisors are still always available to meet with me and as always I receive great advice.

Angel Wu Bridge MBA '21