Winter 2020 Course Offerings

The learning foundation you need to run a business


  • MGMT 3790 – Entrepreneurship Essentials
  • MGMT 3830 - Human Resource Management
  • MGMT 3840 - Managing Work Teams
  • MGMT 4910 – Project and Process Management

MGMT 3790 – Entrepreneur Essentials

Presents an overview of entrepreneurship. During the quarter we examine entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial world; learn to recognize and create opportunity; develop and test business opportunity; and assess the industry and analyze risks associated with customers, markets, financial considerations, and legal concerns.

In addition to understanding the multiple opportunities associated with entrepreneurship, students participate in the development of a feasibility plan for an actual business startup.

Sample of job skills provided:

  • Ability to recognize business opportunity
  • Ability to assess market potential
  • Ability to evaluate financial viability
  • Ability to develop feasibility plan

MGMT 3830 – Human Resource Management

As an introduction to the principles of human resource planning, administration, and development, this course examines the perspective that a well-designed and executed human resource strategy provides critical and unique value to the human side of organizational success.

Comprehensive human resource programs, including strategic HR planning and administration, employee recruitment, development, evaluation and motivation, risk management, legal compliance, diversity management, compensation and “total rewards” will be explored.

Other contemporary workplace and business challenges due to our increasing globalization, reliance on technology and evolving workforce demographics will also be discussed, often through case studies.

We will examine ways in which HR can create a clear line of sight to what matters to external stakeholders like customers and internal ones like employees.

Sample of job skills provided:

  • Ability to identify and recruit new employee talent
  • Ability to develop/train employees
  • Ability to design compensation/incentive plans
  • Ability to establish performance management programs

MGMT 3840 – Managing Work Teams

This class will explore in depth the nature of organizational work teams, with a specific focus on helping students learn how to manage and lead work teams effectively. Students will also explore the most recent team advances and team challenges by interacting with professionals in real organizations.

Topics covered will include internal team functioning (such as knowledge sharing, communication strategies, leadership emergence), external team functioning (such as interacting with stakeholders, managing external trends), and recent team designs (such as multicultural teams, virtual teams, cross-functional teams).

Skills gained in this class help an individual become a more effective, positive, and influential team member or leader across a variety of professional, personal, and academic environments.

Sample of job skills provided:

  • Ability to form, launch, and lead effective teams
  • Ability to develop psychologically safe teams
  • Ability to coach teams for success and satisfaction
  • Ability to contribute as an effective team member

MGMT 4910 – Project and Process Management

This course is developed with the goal of adding to the marketable skills and concepts that Seattle University students bring to employers immediately upon entry into the workplace.

Project and process management tools and techniques are useful in all industries. In the professional world, business and management graduates will encounter individuals with a wide range of educational backgrounds, including those with degrees in liberal arts, humanities, accounting and finance, or minimal education beyond high school.

This diversity of backgrounds brings strength to the workplace by connecting people with different experiences and perspectives. For example, understanding, exposure to, and appreciation of the arts spurs innovation in the business world by bringing fresh new ideas to a range of audiences.

Those with an education in business and management are uniquely equipped to focus the power of this diversity by applying organizational skills and a mindset for standardizing processes, defining outcomes, and driving efforts for maximum value.

Sample of job skills provided:

  • Ability to use consulting tools and techniques like process maps and project plans
  • Ability to develop Gantt charts and project reports
  • Ability to use Agile/Scrum and traditional project management techniques
  • Ability to develop and present executive-level proposals

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