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AmeriCorps Positions 2021-22

Applications now open! Priority deadline June 30, 2021


SUYI at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School 

The Center for Community Engagement employs AmeriCorps members to support school-based academic assistance programs and family engagement classes, events and projects as part of the Seattle University Youth Initiative. 


Seattle University's partnership with Bailey Gatzert Elementary School is integral to the Youth Initiative. Services range from one-to-one tutoring, to helping small groups, to leading academic and enrichment activities after school. The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) also offers programming for parents/guardians of K-5th grade students. The goals of our family engagement efforts are to empower families to understand the importance of their role in their child’s academic life and to strengthen the school to home connection. 


The Seattle University Youth Initiative (SUYI) is motivated by the belief that in order for youth to succeed in school and in their life, their families need access to high-quality health care, affordable housing, healthy and affordable food, safe neighborhoods, and economic opportunities. For this reason, SUYI unites the University and the wider Seattle community through an anti-poverty focus to develop successful youth, thriving communities, and an engaged neighborhood by providing a pathway of support for low-income families just south of campus.

We will be recruiting two AmeriCrops members to serve at Bailey Gartzert Elementary School for the 2020-22 academic year, 1) Washington Reading Corps Literacy Tutor and 2) a Washington Service Corps AmeriCorps Member. 

Questions about roles at Gatzert? Contact BGE School Success Manager Khyree Smith at


Priority application deadline is June 30, 2021. 


Bailey Gatzert Literacy Tutor 

Washington Reading Corps (WRC) Position 

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Washington Reading Corps (WRC) members engage in direct-service Early Learning/K-4 literacy tutoring (one-on-one or in small groups) AND program development in an elementary school, early learning or community-based setting.

  • Support recruitment of community volunteer tutor programs before and after school.
  • Enhance or create community volunteer recruitment systems.
  • Promote and encourage peer and cross-age tutoring opportunities.
  • Serve with English Language Learners and coordinate activities to increase English proficiency.
  • Family and community involvement events and projects.
  • Develop or expand existing volunteer recognition program.
  • Support WRC beneficiaries during classroom reading instruction.
  • Build community-based literacy resources that can be shared within and between schools.
  • Complete national service program requirements including: reporting, trainings, professional learning cluster meetings, and community service projects based around National Days of Service.


Extended Learning Program Coordinator

Washington Service Corps Position

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Programming Support: Assist with daily after-school programming logistics: scheduling, food, supplies, set-up and transportation, etc. Maintain records of Elementary school students' applications and administrative forms. Maintain program integrity by adhering to Seattle Public Schools and Seattle University policies and procedures, including procedures regarding communication and confidentiality. Direct Service in Classrooms: Serve as a classroom assistant in intermediate grade classrooms, providing academic support, one-to-one or to small groups. Maintain ongoing communication with Gatzert grade level teachers to ensure academic support provided in classrooms and after school aligns with curricular goals.

Program development:

  • Assist with program planning and expansion of new programs.
  • Create tools and continue to build complementary program manual that outlines operational procedures of the after school programs.
  • Consult with Bailey Gatzert teachers and SU faculty to ensure quality and relevancy of after school programs, with a specific focus on the Redhawk Scholars sessions in the ELP Position is contingent upon funding.





SUYI at Garfield High School

The Seattle University Youth Initiative (SUYI) is motivated by the belief that in order for youth to succeed in school and in their life, their families need access to high-quality health care, affordable housing, healthy and affordable food, safe neighborhoods, and economic opportunities. For this reason, SUYI unites the University and the wider Seattle community through an Anti-Poverty focus to develop successful youth, thriving communities and an engaged neighborhood by providing a pipeline of support for low-income families just south of campus. To ensure that neighborhood K-12 students are successful in school, our strategy includes implementing programs and activities at the four sites within the geographical zone (Bailey Gatzert Elementary School, Washington Middle School, Garfield High School and Middle College High School), with the goals of our school engagement being holistic and long-term: to help K-12 students meet grade level standards, to develop academic behaviors and non-cognitive skills, and to develop college and career knowledge, so that they graduate from high school prepared to succeed in higher education and in life. The Redhawk Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP) and Change Makers VISTA Project seeks to build the capacity of our daytime and after-school programming at Garfield High School (GHS) to support rising 9th – 12th grade youth and their families receiving academic services such as one-to-one academic mentoring, Advisory groups, classroom support, and civic engagement, and to pilot a cohort model designed to deepen participants’ academic abilities through personal and professional formation by developing responsible leaders committed to the common good. 


Major responsibilities and activities:

  • Develop and implement curriculum and programming for rising 9th -12th-grade scholars, focusing on high school graduation and post-high school success, including college and career exploration and civic engagement opportunities
  • Develop and manage system(s) to track the youth’s involvement in programs and create a tool to measure success and impact
  • Work with GHS Success Coordinator to recruit SU student employees and volunteers as mentors to participate in programs and activities
  • Develop partnerships with the community, families, and partner organizations to participate in programs and activities focused on college readiness and career readiness
  • Plan, invite and encourage families to attend program events
  • Assist in cultivating school/community partnerships
  • Support afterschool programming and events •Work with WMS team to support 9th-grade transition 
  • Consider and implement opportunities to center student and family voice
  • Work with SU Admissions to connect GHS juniors and seniors with college exploration opportunities, scholarship and admissions info, and more. 

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Questions about the role at Garfield? Contact SUYI Director of School Partnerships Colina Bruce at




Post-Undergraduate Shinnyo Fellow

The Center for Community Engagement and the Shinnyo-en Foundation have partnered to offer a 10-month paid fellowship to one recent Seattle University undergraduate to serve with a local, community partner organization. This Fellow will represent Seattle University within a cohort of Shinnyo Fellows from other universities across the US to carry out the Shinnyo-en Foundation’s Infinite Paths to Peace Initiative

The Post-Undergraduate Shinnyo Fellow is funded to further develop leadership and reflective skills, and to introduce, implement and/or institutionalize the Foundation’s philosophy of peacebuilding through service in the community and on campus. The fellow will provide campus-community engagement, relationship building and maintenance, research, programming, communications, and administrative support. In addition, Shinnyo-en Foundation sponsors the participation of the Shinnyo Fellows and their mentors at the Fellows Summer Orientation and Annual Retreat in August.

The Shinnyo-en Foundation partners with the Center for Community Engagement to support current and recent undergraduates in discovering and/or honing their individual paths to peace through direct service. The 2017- 2018 academic year will mark a twelve year partnership. To learn more about the Shinnyo-en Foundation, please visit


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