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2018 EcoChallenge Highlights

  • The three themes of this year's EcoChallenge were Plastic Pollution (focus of the 2018 Earth Day), Environmental Justice, and Conserving Biodiversity
  • A whopping 189 campus members participated in this 5th edition of the EcoChallenge, including students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni
  • We had lovely sponsorships from Capitol Hill Farmer's Market, the SU Bookstore, MotMot Coffee, and Food with Spirit. Thank you for contributing some wonderful items for the gift bags of the EcoChallenge winners!
  • Students came together to make a fun and informative video! Watch here
  • The LEARN, ACT & ADVOCATE, and SHARE Challenges this year fostered relationships between students, faculty, staff, alumni, on-campus organizations, and off-campus organizations. Some examples of activities:

2018 EcoChallenge Winners

We want to give a special thanks and congratulations to the winners of this year's EcoChallenge. Thank you so much for your efforts and dedication! 

Week 1: Gordon Miller

Week 2: Jessie Dirks

Week 3: Melissa Pico

Winning Team: Bailee Clark, Delsey Huitt, Gordon Miller, Jessie Dirks, Kimberly Gawlik, Lauren Keyes, Sam McGough

Overall EcoChallenge Winner: Melissa Pico


2018 EcoChallenge Newsletters


2018 EcoChallenge Details


Join us this Earth Month in observance of Earth Day 2018 as we work towards earth justice and sustainability

Want to have fun, care for the planet and our communities, and win some awesome prizes? Register yourself or sign up with a team of up to 8 for the 3-week EcoChallenge, April 9-29! The event is open to SU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

You will be challenged to make simple lifestyle changes, advocate for the issues that matter to you, and learn something new related to each week's theme:  

We are lining up a series of some wonderful events and ways you can participate! Compete for a chance to win a prize at the end of each week! Register here and refer a BUDDY to collect a bonus point! 


  •  Week 1: Plastic Pollution: April 9-15

This week will focus on what our plastic pollution habits look like, what their effects are, & how we can make small changes to minimize all of that waste!

  • Week 2: Environmental Justice: April 16-22

This week will be dedicated to understanding how different communities are affected disproportionally by environmental degradation.

  • Week 3: Biodiversity and Conservation: April 23-29

As we move further in to the spring season, join us as we learn about the importance of biodiversity and conservation in the natural world!



Fun & Inspirational  

Each week you can earn points in 4 challenge areas. Don't worry, we will provide lots of ideas for activities! 

  • Learn – Learn about at least 1 new issue. You could watch a short online video or attend an event. 
  • Act & Advocate – Go out and take action or advocate for environmental justice and sustainability causes you care about. 
  • Share - Share what you learned with teammates, friends, and family!

The Prizes 

$25 worth of gifts from local businesses and SU sponsors will be awarded each week to the highest scoring participants! At the completion of the EcoChallenge, the overall winner as well as each team member of the highest scoring team will receive a gift. 

How it Works

  • The 2018 EcoChallenge begins on Monday, April 9 and ends on Sunday, April 29.
  • Each week, you will receive a newsletter on Sunday evening (April 8, April 15, April 22).
  • The weekly newsletter will contain resources for completing the week's challenges, including a link to the week’s scorecard. You (and your team) can earn points by learning, acting&advocating, and sharing about each week’s themes. No worries, we will provide lots of ideas for activities!
  • This year’s themes are: Week 1 (April 9-15): Plastic Pollution; Week 2 (April 16-22): Environmental Justice; Week 3 (April 23-29): Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Scorecards need to be completed at the end of each week, by 11:59 P.M. on Monday (April 16, April 23, April 30). You will find a link to your scorecard at the end of each newsletter.
  • The more challenges you do, the more points you earn and the more chance you make to win one of our fabulous weekly prizes. We have a really marvelous collection of prizes that could be headed your way, including (but not limited to) fresh bucks to purchase items at the Capitol Hill farmers market, artisan pottery created in Nicaragua, and fresh springtime campus-grown produce!
  • For teams: We encourage you to participate in challenges as a team when possible, but it is not mandatory. Everyone on the team fills out their own scorecard. We will take care of adding up your team's total points!
  • You can earn a buddy point (bonus points) when a new participant refers to you for signing up.

 Keep an eye out for us tabling at Cherry Street Market during lunchtimes and stay tuned via: this website, Instagram (@SU-cejs) or Facebook (@envjustice)See you soon at the ECOCHALLENGE!!!!


Contact: with questions



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Live sustainably. Join the EcoChallenge!

"It was a great way to get my daughter involved and learning about these things early! I really can't tell you how much I enjoy the EcoChallenge every year!"

Participant EcoChallenge 2018

"This was fun, informative, and challenging."

Participant EcoChallenge 2018

“Thanks for putting this together. It is most definitely the best one yet!”

Participant EcoChallenge 2018

“Thanks for hosting this event and keeping it in the forefront of our minds!”

Participant EcoChallenge 2018