Supporting Undocumented Students

Students, faculty, staff and others in our midst who may be affected by the recent immigration orders and pronouncements, and for those of us who wish to learn more can find additional resources and information for your consideration below: 

  • The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP): including its “Know Your Rights” page that contains information on a range of resources including family safety planning, detention information, a list of private attorneys, etc. NOTE: Individuals needing information or assistance can contact NWIRP for referrals, resources and related assistance. NWIRP is working diligently to provide information and assistance.
  • ACLU Know Your Rights If Questioned About Immigration Status; and What to Do if Faced with Anti-Muslim Bias (videos and printed materials available in multiple languages)
  • My (Un)Documented Life: US Supreme Court Decision on DACA Updates & Resources
  • United We Dream:
  • National Immigration Law Center: Click here.
  • FAQ prepared by CUNY Law School’s CLEAR (Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility) project. Click here. Note: This FAQ is for informational and resource purposes and does not constitute legal advice by CUNY Law School.
  • Additional campus support information cn be found on the Office of Multicultural Affairs site
  • NOTE:  The information reflected on this page does not constitute legal advice.  Students, faculty and staff in need of information or assistance on how the executive orders impact them or family members are encouraged to reach out to the NW Immigrant Rights Project listed above. 

Relevant books and articles

(Note: Books are italicized and articles are in quotes.)

  • A story of an ACLU lawyer’s experience with a border patrol officer can be found here.
  • Global Issues in Immigration, School of Law Professor of Law Won Kidane ( Thomson West (2013)
  • Run for the Border: Vice and Virtue in U.S.-Mexico Border Crossings (Citizenship and Migration in the Americas)NYU Press, School of Law Professor Steven W. Bender (2012) and "Compassionate Immigration Reform," School of Law Professor Steven W. Bender, 38 Fordam Urb. L. J. 107 (2011):
  • Everyday Law for Immigrants, Victor C. Romero (2008)

If you learn of other resources that may be useful for the campus community, please share the information with Natasha Martin, Chief Diversity Officer, at for inclusion on this page.