Social-Emotional Learning and Teaching Summer Institute 2022

The Social-Emotional Learning and Teaching Summer Institute prepares educators, counselors and administrators to support healthy and equity-oriented SEL in their classrooms, schools, and organizations. Through a combination of synchronous morning sessions and asynchronous afternoon sessions, participants will learn about the theory and practice of social-emotional learning and teaching.

Social Emotional Learning can be a lever for equity and anti-racist co-liberation, or it can be a tool of enforcing the status quo of racism. This workshop emphasizes trauma-informed, equity-centered education. As we recognize the impacts of the pandemic, we need differentiated knowledge and tools to plan for the new school year.

Topics are sequenced as stand alone sessions and threaded during the four days training to fulfill the SEL professional learning requirement.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn from Seattle University Professor who specializes in SEL and counseling, as well as from content experts in the field of social emotional learning. Participants will:

1) Deepen understanding of what effective and equity-oriented social-emotional teaching and learning looks like in the educational context.
2) Learn practical strategies for intentionally integrating SEL into classrooms, schools, and lesson planning.
3) Develop strategies for supporting social-emotional growth and self-care.

Who should attend the institute?

  • K-12 educators, counselors and administrators
  • Instructional leaders (e.g., coaches, mentors, PD leaders)
  • Higher education teachers and administrators
  • Individuals interested in supporting others' social-emotional growth



  • Seattle University or Online

Registration: Registration Form (Click Here)