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The Educator Career Services Office serves students and alumni of any of the college's K-12 certificated educator preparation programs, including Master in Teaching, School Counseling, School Psychology, Educational Administration, Special Education, and Educating Non-Native English Speakers. Because the office focuses on certification activities, it does not serve students outside of these programs. The office offers different resources and tools to advance the careers of current and future educators:

  • Orientation sessions
  • One-on-one advising
  • Assistance with placement files
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Job search strategies including interviewing skills
  • On-campus recruitment opportunities
  • Workshops for current students
  • Job resources including Redhawk Network
  • Coordination with recruiter visits
  • Queries

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University Resources

The following services are also available:

  • Career Engagement Office - offers a variety of services and programs that benefit the career and professional development of Graduate Students at Seattle University.
  • Handshake - a service managed by Career Services to provide an online resource for job postings and recruitment visits. It connects SU students and alumni with employment and networking opportunities.
  • Going Global - provides country-specific career and employment information, including world-wide internship and job postings, H1B employer listings, corporate profiles, and career resources for 30 countries.

Placement Files

  • What is a Placement File? A placement file is a collection of documents sent to prospective employers (typically, school districts) during a candidate's job application process. Contents usually include resume-type information provided by the candidate and reference letters.
  • New Placement Files Area school districts no longer require, or even accept, university placement files. As such, our office will not be opening new placement files or reactivating inactive ones.
  • Active Placement Files Current active placement files will continue to be maintained by our office. If there is no activity (requests for mailings to potential employers) for two or more years, the placement file will become inactive.
  • Inactive Placement Files Inactive files are stored for a maximum of 15 years before being purged. 

Job Postings

Handshake is a great resource for alumni and students to find a potential job in private schools, higher education, and out-of-state postings by other employers through Seattle University. You can log on with user name (7-digits student ID), password (mm/dd/yyyy). Current students may post resumes online.

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