Reporting Emergencies

What to Do

To report an off-campus emergency, dial 911. If the off-campus emergency involves a University activity, make a report to Public Safety when the emergency is over. To report an on-campus emergency, call Public Safety: ext. 5911 or (206) 296-5911 or use one of the 'Blue Light' emergency phones located around campus.

When Calling:

Say: "This is an emergency" and give the dispatcher the following information:

  1. Your location
  2. The nature of the emergency
  3. Your name
  4. Phone number from which you are calling
  • Stay on the line until you are sure no further information is required.
  • After notifying emergency personnel, notify building staff.
  • Watch for the arrival of emergency personnel and direct them to the appropriate location.

In the case of the following emergencies, call ext. 5911:

  • Fire
  • Medical emergencies
  • Crime in progress
  • Power outage

Suspicious Activity

If you see someone or something suspicious on or near campus, please contact us using the 24-hour line: (206) 296-5911, or ext. 5911 from any on-campus phone. Be sure to report something suspicious even if you are unsure what the person or persons are doing. Officers would much rather respond to a call regarding a suspicious person and have it turn up to be nothing, then not know about a suspicious activity and have it turn into a potentially dangerous situation.

To inform the responding units, there are a few items of information the officer on the line may ask from you, including:

  • Where the persons are/Where the activity taking place.
  • What he/she/they are doing.
  • How many people there are.
  • What he/she/they look like.