ROTC Scholarships

FAQs About ROTC Participation and Scholarships at SU

What effect will joining ROTC have on a student's financial aid award?           

Contact the Student Financial Services Office to schedule an appointment with the counselor responsible for administering the ROTC program to learn about the possible impact of ROTC funding on other financial aid and the requirements for continuing to receive ROTC funding in subsequent years. 

Are ROTC scholarship recipients required to file a FAFSA? 


When are ROTC scholarships added to eligible students' financial aid awards?         

Financial aid awards are revised to include ROTC funding when all information regarding that funding is received from the military.  This often happens fairly late in the cycle.  As soon as the Student Financial Services Office receives the necessary information, ROTC students' financial aid awards are updated to include any and all funding for which they are eligible. 

Is financial aid affected if a student participates in ROTC programs but does not receive an ROTC scholarship? 

No.  Financial aid awards for students who participate in ROTC programming but don't receive ROTC funding are not affected.. 

Where to find out more information?

ROTC web page or contact the Recruiting Operations Officer using information below. 

Recruiting Operations Office
Phone: (206) 296-2439