Availability of Summer Quarter Aid

For summer session financial aid consideration, students must complete the FAFSA form for the upcoming year because summer is the first term of each financial aid award year. They must also submit an SU Summer Aid Application via MySeattleU.  To do so, login to mySeattleU and select Financial Aid and then Summer Aid Application. 

The summer aid application becomes available when advance summer registration opens during the previous spring quarter.  Students should complete and submit the summer aid application as soon as summer registration has been completed.  

Undergraduate Students.  Seattle University does not typically offer financial aid to undergraduate students for Summer Session if they will also attend the subsequent fall, winter, and spring quarters.  

If an undergraduate student will graduate by the end of the winter quarter of the academic year that immediately follows the summer session, the student will be considered for a Federal Pell Grant, loans and/or work study.  These students will not be considered for institutional funding.  

Undergraduate students who will not graduate early will be considered only for work study and may also apply for Private Educational Loans to help cover summer costs.

Graduate Students.  Loan assistance is available for eligible graduate students year round, including summer quarter.