Financial Aid Offer Letter

When a student's financial aid award has been prepared, the Student Financial Services Office sends a notification to the student's SU email address notifying that the Offer Letter is ready for viewing online.  Financial Aid Offer Letters are viewable online via mySeattleU.

Begin by logging into mySeattleU and then select Financial Aid to be taken to the Financial Aid Self Service Portal. From there, you can choose the appropriate option from the checklist to view your offer letter. 

Using the link below, you can find an example of an undergraduate student offer letter and more information about the online award.  Also check out our video with step-by-step instructions for how to view your offer letter at the bottom of this page. 

Sample Offer Letter 2023-2024


How to View Your Finanancial Aid Offer Letter Video

Students must be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for most forms of financial aid. However, some types of aid are available to eligible students who are enrolled less than full-time.

Further, aid for students who are registered in any given term for fewer credits than the enrollment status shown on their award letter will not be disbursed until they have notified the Student Financial Services Office of the change in their enrollment status so their aid can be reviewed and revised, if necessary.

Students who register for more credits than their enrollment status indicates – enrolling full-time rather than half-time, for instance – may be eligible to receive additional aid and should notify Student Financial Services as soon as possible so their aid can be reviewed and revised if necessary.

The review and revision process takes approximately two weeks. All revisions must be completed prior to the last class day of the award year.  Notification received from a student after aid has been disbursed may reduce the student's eligibility.

PLEASE NOTE: Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements and enrollment standards for financial aid purposes may be different than those for academic purposes. Academically, a student may consider any or all of the following:

  • Enrolling for less than 15 credits as an undergraduate; or
  • Enrolling less than full time; or
  • Rearranging a schedule to postpone a class to be taken in a subsequent year; or
  • Taking an incomplete in or withdrawing from a class; or
  • Taking additional credits to receive a minor or second major

These types of changes to a student's class schedule for the quarter—and any others that decrease the number of credits for which a student is enrolled and/or increase the number of quarters it takes for a student to receive a degree—may have an effect on the student's eligibility for financial aid.

Student Financial Services staff are not academic advisors but they can tell students what effect these kinds of changes will have on their financial aid eligibility. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to understand the satisfactory academic progress and enrollment requirements as they apply to financial aid and then check with Student Financial Services if an academic opportunity to deviate from these standards presents itself.


NOTE: If any of the items on the offer letter appear to be incorrect, please notify Student Financial Services as soon as possible. The information will be reviewed by Student Financial Services and updated, if needed.  If revisions are made, a revised offer letter will be issued to the student.