Need-Based Work Study

Based on the information provided on their FAFSAs, award letters for eligible undergraduate students may include an offer to participate in one of SU's two need-based work study programs, one of which operates on campus with the other operating off campus.  Choosing to take advantage of this opportunity provides students the chance to gain valuable work experience while earning money to help pay some of their college expenses. Using a work study award is a great way to enhance current course work as well as future professional potential by integrating classroom learning with real-world work experience.

Because funding is limited, work study is not included in initial awards for graduate students. Graduate students who are interested in being considered for a work study award should contact Student Financial Services.

While students are not required to accept their work study awards, Student Financial Services does not replace any portion of rejected work study awards with grant funding.

Because students are not required to use their work study awards, Student Financial Services does cancel work study awards of students who do not appear to be using them. To give students ample opportunity to look for jobs, revisions withdrawing work study awards are generally made a few weeks into Winter Quarter.

After a student's award is finalized, a Work Study Authorization confirming their eligibility and award amount becomes available at mySeattleu in the Financial Information section of the Student Menu. Students must download and print their authorizations and take to potential employers as they begin their job search. 

Once hired, students may begin to work as soon as their hire paperwork is complete and classes for the quarter for which they have work study eligibility begin.  If enrolled fall quarter, students may begin to work no earlier than Monday of the first week of classes.

Work study is not one of the funds that applies to students' account to reduce the balance each quarter.  Rather, students are paid directly by their employer at the end of each pay period, based on the hours they have worked during that period. Those earnings may be used to make payments on approved student account payment plans and/or for books, supplies, living expenses, transportation or other educationally related costs.

A student's eligibility to participate in a work study program may change from year to year as may the type of work study included in the student's award and the amount of their award.  Generally, on-campus work study is awarded to freshmen and sophomores and off-campus work study is awarded to juniors and seniors.