Off Campus Work Study

Residents of Washington State who, based on their FAFSA information, are eligible for participation in the state-funded, need-based, off campus Washington State Work Study Program, will generally be awarded this funding as part of their financial aid in their junior and/or senior year(s). However, freshmen or sophomores may appeal to be funded through this program rather than through the federal, on-campus work study program.

Working Hours

Students may work up to 19 hours per week in eligible, off-campus positions.

Pay Rates

Positions are available in approved private businesses, non-profit organizations and in city and county government. Generally these positions pay higher wages and offer more direct relevance to a student's chosen major and/or anticipated profession than positions on-campus.

Pay for students working in positions authorized through this program cannot be less than Washington's minimum wage.

Find an off-campus work study job

To view available off-campus work study jobs, log on to Handshake.