Uncommon Good Impact Report

Uncommon Good

The Campaign for the Uncommon Good is propelling Seattle University ahead as one of the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking Jesuit and Catholic universities, igniting human potential and forming leaders of purpose and impact. Throughout this largest campaign in the university’s history, thousands of alumni, friends and community members were moved to act as a force for good, collectively making a transformative difference for SU students and the future of the university.

This generous support underlies the next chapter in our journey to continue empowering champions for a just, inclusive and sustainable world. It is providing greater equity and access to education for every academically successful student who wants to attend SU, a unique combination of the humanities and sciences that educate the whole person and lead to improving the human condition and an enduring Jesuit mission that’s as future-focused as it is foundational.

Thanks to you, there is nowhere better than this place to imagine somewhere better than this place. Please enjoy reading about your impact.

Eduardo Peñalver

Gifts From
First-Time Donors

Illustrating Impact


Seattle University’s Jesuit and Catholic mission is imbedded in everything we do. New endowments and programs supported by gifts to The Campaign for the Uncommon Good will ensure that the Jesuit ethos thrives in our efforts to educate the whole person and empower future leaders for a just and humane world.

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The Jim and Janet Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation is the new heart of Seattle University. A place to shape the world’s next generation of leaders. A place where students will gain the skills and knowledge to solve the most pressing problems of today and tomorrow.

Read more about the Sinegal Center and those who are investing in the future of STEM education at Seattle University


Expanding equal access to a quality education for undergraduate and graduate students seeking to shape their future was a key pillar of the campaign. Thousands of donors invested in scholarships that will provide more year-after-year funding and help Seattle University’s students stay in school and complete their degrees with less post-graduation debt.

Read more about how your gifts are making a difference in improving access to education for our students


Thousands of Seattle University alumni participated in the campaign by making gifts, volunteering and attending events. Our alumni are ensuring current and future students will experience the same passion-fueled education they received.

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"The impact of this campaign is already being felt. We can see right now new programs, the new Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation and new students enjoying the impact and generosity of our Seattle University donors. There is more good to come as a result of this campaign and what it makes possible for SU's future."

Dave Sabey, campaign co-chair and president of Sabey, Inc.

College and
School Initiatives

The campaign raised critical endowment and expendable funds to support the students, faculty, programs and activities of the university. This support enables Seattle University to provide scholarships and fellowships to students and faculty, enhance faculty excellence and launch new programs.

College of Nursing


21 new scholarships
New funding for the Clinical Performance Lab
891 donors

College of Science and


107% of campaign goal
10 new scholarships
Established Endowed Chair in Computer Science
1,497 donors

College of Education


108% of campaign goal
32 new scholarships
New endowed scholarships for every degree program
818 donors

School of Law


121% of campaign goal
18 new scholarships
New fellowship to immerse law students
in the fight for equal justice
2,304 donors

Albers School of Business and


29 new scholarships
Establishment of alumni-funded scholarship
Expansion of global scholarships and education abroad opportunities
2,524 donors

College of Arts & Sciences


151% of campaign goal
23 new scholarships
Funding for a Kinesiology mobile equipment lab
Established the Indigenous Peoples Institute
1,973 donors

Campus Initiatives

Fostering Scholars


10 new endowments
365 donors
178 first-time donors



6 new scholarships
9 new endowments supporting students and athletic programs
6,376 donors

Annual Giving


$9.3M raised for the SU Fund
6,271 President’s Club Members
177 funds supported through Seattle U Gives

Fr. Stephen Sundborg, S.J.
Center for Community


1,854 Gifts
88% of donors made their first gift to CCE
170 SU alumni donors

Global Engagement


7 New Scholarships
Expanded engagement with alumni around the world
Deepened collaboration with Jesuit universities in India
Launch of Central America Initiative

Gift Planning


25% of the total campaign
309 New Legacy Society Members
98 new bequests

Donor Breakdown

Faculty and staff includes emeriti faculty and staff retirees; parents includes parents of current students and of alumni; and Trustees and Regents includes emeriti members. Constituency totals reflect giving based on an individual’s or organization’s primary constituency with the university, therefore some totals may not reflect total gifts by a given constituency.

Volunteer Leadership

Seattle University is grateful to the volunteers who worked tirelessly and offered their time, talent and treasure throughout The Campaign for the Uncommon Good. The leadership, vision and guidance of our committed volunteers positioned SU to meet and exceed our goals in the most ambitious comprehensive campaign in the university’s history.


Campaign Honorary Chairs
Phyllis J. Campbell
Mark C. Pigott
James D. Sinegal

Campaign Co-Chairs
Maureen T. Lee
Stuart T. Rolfe
Dave A. Sabey


Campaign Committees and Task Forces

Dean C. Allen

Alan D. Frazier

Gloria T. Gaffney, '67, '89

Joseph M. Gaffney, '67

S. John Goodwin

Christopher G. Heath-Canlas, '01

Steven W. Hooper, '75

Stevens U. Trainer

Jeffrey J. Wright

Christopher G. Heath-Canlas, '01 – LEAD

Nicole M. Francois, '99

Kathryn A. Greve, '10

Karen L. Maher, '00

John R. Nielsen, '06

Abraham J. Romo, '06

John A. Ruffo, '65, '71

Martin J. Toner, '66

David J. Weidner, '07

Ann L. Yoo, '98

Gretchen Brennan

Sean P. Brennan

Laury P. Bryant

Alan D. Frazier – LEAD

Valerie F. Gorder

Maureen T. Lee – LEAD

John L. McKay

Robert A. Ratliffe

Katherine McCullough Simmons

Dean C. Allen – LEAD

Ronald E. Armstrong

Rodney A. Bench

Raymond L. Conner

John A. Hamilton, '97

Andrew R. Herdener, '01

John D. Hooper, '81

Craig E. Kinzer

Scott B. Redman

Dave A. Sabey

Ana M. White, '95

Elsa P. Keown Borgen

Maureen P. Brotherton, '96

James A. Degel, '80

Dorothy L. Hall

Tessa M. Keating

Thomas D. Keown, '94

John J. Leary

Donald J. Manning, '09

Russell A. Powell

Meenakshi Rishi

David C. Rothrock, '91

David T. Spicer

Ezra M. Teshome, '76

Stevens U. Trainer – LEAD

Paul L. Wyckoff

Dorene M. Centioli-McTigue, '65

Gloria T. Gaffney, '67, '89 – LEAD

Joseph M. Gaffney, '67 – LEAD

Michael P. Hosterman

Patrick J. Howell

Palmyra V. Jackson, '17

Anne M. Jenkins

Kirsten A. Johnson

Patrick F. Kennedy

Ryan P. Sawyer, '94

Jeanie M. Robinson, '70, '93

Thomas F. Robinson, '70

David C. Rothrock, '91

Shannon K. Schneider, '98

Andrew R. Ting

Jennifer A. Ting

Mary Ellen Weber, '04

Sheila Wyckoff-Dickey

Kate L. Anderson

S. John Goodwin – LEAD

Amani Harris

Walter Q. Impert

Manpreet Kaur, '10

John T. Launceford

Celeste A. McDonell, '78, '81

Michael F. O'Brien

David C. Rothrock, '91

Matthew J. Tilghman-Havens

Robert A. Underhill

Ann Blume

Gerald T. Cobb

John E. Cunningham

Steven W. Hooper, '75 – LEAD

David V. Powers

Brinette C. Rounds, '02

Ruth A. Tressel, '84

Betty Woods, '74

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