The Academic Assembly is the elected body through which the faculty participates in decisions involving university-wide academic matters, including student learning and success. Such matters encompass the following, among other topics: academic quality, terms of faculty service, curricula that require coordination across programs, strategic planning, budgets and physical facilities.

Faculty Participation

The Academic Assembly needs and welcomes the help of the faculty in identifying areas for improvement in Seattle University's academic community. Faculty members should feel free to discuss issues with individual committee members. Meetings are open to all faculty members. 

Seattle University's Mission

Seattle University is dedicated to educating the whole person, to professional formation and to empowering leaders for a just and humane world.

Our Vision

We will be one of the most innovative and progressive Jesuit and Catholic universities in the world, educating with excellence at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels.

Our Values

  • Care
    We put the good of students first.
  • Academic Excellence
    We value excellence in learning with great teachers who are active scholars.
  • Diversity
    We celebrate educational excellence achieved through diversity.
  • Faith
    We treasure our Jesuit Catholic ethos and the enrichment from many faiths of our university community.
  • Justice
    We foster a concern for justice and the competence to promote it.
  • Leadership
    We seek to develop responsible leaders committed to the common good.