Found Housing, Now What?

Costs to Consider When Moving

Most landlords require one month's rent plus a security deposit (usually equal to one month's rent) upon signing the lease. Moreover, you will likely need additional cash to cover moving expenses and utilities (power, telephone, etc.). For customers who have no credit or poor credit, utility companies like Seattle Public Utilities and City Light often require a deposit in order to start service. You should plan on having enough cash to cover all of these expenses as well as a reserve amount for unforeseen expenses.

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Rental Agreements

It is essential to have a written rental agreement when moving into a rental unit. It is just as essential to understand the terms and conditions before you sign the agreement. Be wary when the landlord does not offer a written rental agreement. A rental agreement is a legally binding contract that establishes the terms between you and your landlord. Without a written agreement, you are considered a month-to-month tenant by verbal agreement.

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Types of Rental Agreements

The Lease

Your lease is a legal document outlining your agreement with a landlord. Make sure to read it carefully!

Here are some terms that you will see in a lease agreement: