Sick Time

The University's paid sick/safe time benefit protects the income of employees during incidental or occasional periods of:

  • Non-occupational illness, injury, health condition, need for medical diagnosis or treatment, or preventive medical care for the employee or the employee's family member;
  • Personal safety reasons related to domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking for the employee, family or household member; or
  • Closure by order of a public official of the workplace or a child's school or place of care to limit exposure to an infectious agent, biological toxin or hazardous material for the employee, family or household member.

Sick/Safe Time for Regular Staff and Administrators

Regular, benefits-eligible staff and administrator employees are awarded twelve (12) days of paid sick/safe time on the first day of the fiscal year (July 1).  A maximum of 72 hours of unused sick/safe time may be carried forward at the end of a fiscal year to supplement the time awarded at the beginning of the subsequent fiscal year.  Sick/safe time is not awarded during periods of an unpaid leave of absence.

Partial Award of Sick/Safe Time in the First Year

The number of awarded sick/safe days during the first fiscal year of eligible employment for regular, benefits-eligible staff and administrators will be prorated as follows:

Month of hire or classification to an eligible employee group:Number of sick/safe days awarded in the first fiscal year of eligibility
July 12
August 11
September 10
October 9
November 8
December 7
January 6
February 5
March 4
April 3
May 2
June 1

Sick/Safe Time for Full-time Faculty

Full-time faculty are awarded twelve (12) days of sick/safe time upon the effective date of appointment or annual reappointment each academic year. In addition, a maximum of 72 hours of unused sick/safe time may carry over from the prior academic year.

Faculty members are responsible for communicating absences to their Chair and assist in ensuring that their instructional responsibilities are fulfilled. Faculty members who cannot attend classroom or other instructional responsibilities normally make alternative arrangements for their students. 

Sick/Safe Time for Other Employees

Temporary, occasional, or on-call staff employees, student employees and part-time faculty will be awarded one (1) hour of sick/safe time for every 30 hours worked or credited by the University. A maximum of 72 hours of sick/safe time may be carried over from one fiscal year to the next unless the employee incurs a separation from employment. 

Accounting for Time Taken

Employees, other than faculty, are required to account for their sick/safe time usage by completing the appropriate payroll time report and obtaining the supervisor’s signature. Used time is deducted from the employee's balance. An employee’s regular pay statement will show the number of remaining sick/safe hours.   An employee's record of used sick/safe time and absences becomes part of the employment record.

No Deficit Balance Allowed

Employees are paid up to the maximum available sick/safe hours as of the pay period in which the time is taken. Employees may not be paid in a "deficit balance" against future awards. Therefore, additional approved time away for which an employee does not have available sick/safe time may be taken as vacation or unpaid.

No Payment for Unused Sick/Safe Time 

Employees are not eligible to be paid for unused, awarded sick/safe time upon separation from employment.

Absence Substantiation 

The University maintains the right to request third-party substantiation for absences of more than three (3) consecutive work days. For example, a statement from the employee’s healthcare provider may be required. The University also reserves the right to direct the employee to a second medical evaluation with a healthcare provider selected and paid for by the University. If providing substantiation will create unreasonable burden or expense, the employee should contact Human Resources. 

Seattle University is considered a Tier 3 (large) employer under state and local law, and university employees have a right to claim awarded sick/safe time away.  An employee may not be retaliated against for taking paid sick/safe time.