Staff employees begin accruing vacation time in the first month of benefits-eligible employment if hired within the first fifteen (15) days of the month. Employees who begin on or after the sixteenth (16th) of the month begin to accrue vacation time on the first day of the next month. An employee on an unpaid leave does not accrue vacation time. Employees on a less than twelve (12) month work schedule will accrue vacation for each month that they are actively working.

Employees may carry over into the new fiscal year the number of vacation days equal to one (1) year of accrual plus five (5) additional days. 

Staff: Vacation for regular exempt and non-exempt staff employees in non-Administrator-level positions are based on continuous and completed years of service, according to the following schedule: 

Completed Years of Employment Days of Vacation Days of Allowed Carryover
Date of hire through 5 years 10 days 15 days
6 years through 10 years 15 days 20 days
11th year forward 20 days 25 days

Administrators: Vacation for regular full-time exempt employees in Administrator-level positions are based on continuous and completed years of service according to the following schedule:

Completed Years of Employment Days of Vacation Days of Allowed Carryover
Date of hire through 4 years 15 days 20 days
5 years through 10 years 20 days 25 days
11th Year 21 days 26 days
12th Year 22 days 27 days
13th Year 23 days 28 days
14th Year 24 days 29 days
15th Year and thereafter 25 days 30 days

Eligible Part-Time Employees: Part-time staff employees assigned a schedule of at least twenty (20) hours per week receive pro-rated paid vacation time. Those who are regularly scheduled for less than twenty (20) hours per week are not eligible for paid vacation leave.

Forfeiture of Excess Vacation Accrued: Any accrued vacation time in excess of the maximum allowed carryover is forfeited at the beginning of a fiscal year on July 1. Employees are encouraged to monitor their vacation balances and plan for time off to avoid loss of accrued vacation.

Availability of Vacation Hours: An employee is eligible to request vacation time once it is accumulated without a waiting period. Vacation leave is not a cashable benefit during active employment with the University.

No Deficit Vacation Account: Employees may be paid vacation time up to the maximum accrued hours as of the beginning of the pay period in which the vacation time is taken. Employees will not be paid for vacation time in a "deficit balance" against future accruals. Therefore, additional approved time off for which an employee does not have sufficient vacation accrued is unpaid time.

Vacation Payout Provisions on Separation: Accrued vacation leave is paid at the time of the employee's separation. An employee is ineligible for a payout of accrued vacation at separation if they fail to provide the required notice of resignation.