Red Night Out Awards Celebration

Celebrate Our Outstanding Student Leaders

Celebrate the end of the academic year with Red Night Out, Seattle University's celebration of the SU community.  During the event, we'll recognize student award winners, take the time to reflect on our year together, and of course, have fun!

All students, staff, faculty, alumni, community members, family, and friends are invited to join this event which usually happens in May.   No RSVP required.

Event Details

You are invited to join the Center for Student Involvement in celebrating the SU community at Red Night Out, Thursday May 19th at 7PM in Campion Ballroom!


Now more than ever, it is important to celebrate our community and connections with one another. This year, you are invited to join us as we honor the achievements of the year and celebrate students, staff, and clubs nominated for their excellence in leadership, mission, and impact. 

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About the Awards

The awards celebrate various levels of involvement reflective of multiple facets of Seattle University's mission. Below you'll find a description of each award.  More questions? Check out our FAQ and Answers page.

Awards for Individuals

The Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen Award

As Seattle University's most prestigious honor, the Archbishop G. Raymond Hunthausen Award recognizes the culmination of our most treasured values. Awarded to two outstanding graduating students, one undergraduate and one graduate, it embodies integrity, faith, leadership and passion for learning. Most importantly, recipients live the Seattle University mission of being a "person for others". We celebrate their gifts of service, justice, collaborative leadership and academic excellence to the University and global community.

The Distinguished Graduating Student Award

Presented to up to five people and recognizes graduating students whose outstanding contributions have spanned their time at Seattle University. Their commitment to service, involvement, and academic excellence within the campus community exemplifies their ability to transform future communities and their willingness to work for a better and just world.  Seniors, graduate and law students graduating Winter - Fall are eligible.

The University Mission Awards

Recognize students who have made outstanding contributions to the university community in areas central to the values in the Seattle University Mission Statement. There are six separate awards each honoring one recipient.  Students who are non-graduating are eligible for these awards.

  • Care:  Recognizes a student who demonstrates genuine care for others in their attitude, interaction, and involvement; acts with care toward others, and demonstrates self care.
  • Academic Excellence: Recognizes a student who embodies academic excellence through achievement, preparedness, engagement and intellectual inquiry; leads in the classroom and other academic endeavors, such as research, academic societies, mentoring and tutoring programs, etc.
  • Diversity:  Recognizes a student who celebrates the gifts of each person and creates spaces where all people are respected and honored; leads others through intentional activities that create and celebrate diversity; and is willing to explore and make themselves vulnerable in order to challenge accepted societal norms.
  • Faith:  Recognizes a student who is dedicated in their spiritual life and whose faith informs their practice; whose involvement and leadership across campus is grounded in a faith foundation; maintains strong personal convictions; creates spaces to encourage spiritual growth for others; and treasures the many faith traditions of our university community.
  • Justice:  Recognizes a student who cares about justice for humans and all living things; is conscious of the far reaching effects of their actions; and works for justice at the local and/or global level through direct service and social change, such as political action, community organizing, or advocacy.
  • Leadership:  Recognizes a student who makes exceptional contributions to the community through leadership; helps those they lead create a vision and move through change based on group values; leads within the framework of the university and other communities; and makes positive contributions through intentional planning and effort.

The Saint Peter Faber Integrity Award

The Saint Peter Faber Integrity Award is presented to up to two individuals who demonstrate a commitment to fostering citizenship, integrity, and ethical behavior. Recipients must be involved in activities that promote integrity through social justice, peace, religious, racial, and/or cultural harmony, have the ability to inspire and lead others to distill their values, actively display principles and ideals translating into actions, and are committed to the ethical dimensions as related to the core values fostered at Seattle University.

Spirit of Seattle U

This award is presented to up to three students who demonstrate both care for others (cura personalis) and care for the legacy of Seattle University (cura apostolica). Recipients have made a significant impact by cultivating a sense of belonging and instilling pride in the campus community. 

Awards for Groups

Student-Led Initiative Award

Presented to a club, departmentally-sponsored organization, or individual that has contributed to the overall education and betterment of the Seattle University community through a program, event, exhibit, performance, or initiative. The initiative should be outstanding in cultivating one (or more) of the following: educational/academic excellence, inclusivity, creativity, collaboration, SU pride, and/or a meaningful impact on students.

Campus Unity Award

Presented to a student club that cultivates a sense of community and collaboration within the campus community. Its members willingly share their time, talent, and resources with other clubs or organizations in order to elevate the experience of SU students.

Excellence in Service Award

Presented to a student club that has demonstrated a deep commitment to service and solidarity within the community. Its members may not only average a high number of service hours per person, but have intentionally developed authentic, reciprocal partnerships with community group(s).

Lasting Impact Award

Presented to a student club that has had a significant impact in the SU or broader community. Whether seeking to change hearts and minds, to shift policies, or for solutions to big problems, club members have left a meaningful legacy on those impacted by their work.