SUDDS (Seattle University Data Delivery System) was the institution's data warehouse, first developed in 2002. SUDDS 2.0 was launched in 2007 with a significantly more robust and flexible platform. In August 2011, SUDDS 2.5 launched with the migration of the warehouse to a new server running Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, a move which also added viewing capability in Firefox  and Safari browsers in addition to Internet Explorer.

SUDDS is only available on campus. If you are off campus and need access, please use VPN or VDI to access SUDDS.

Request Access

SUDDS provides a wide range of dynamic reports updated nightly. SUDDS is accessed via Internet browsers and requires a SU login and FERPA training.  

  • Request access to SUDDS by emailing
  • FERPA training is required to access. Contact Human Resources at, (206) 296-5870, to request an individual training link if your training is out of compliance. 


Popular academic SUDDS reports

  • Registered Students: Lists all students actively registered for courses in a given term
  • Course Rosters: Lists all students in a course including pictures
  • Standings Report: Lists students who are on Deans lists, or who have academic holds
  • Faculty Grade Distribution Reports: Provides data to support faculty reviews (accessible to each dean's office)
  • Retention & Graduation Reports

Click SUDDS Reports to see a list of all SUDDS reports.