Learning Strategy Workshop Series

Learning Strategy Workshop Series

Learning Assistance Programs offers a series of Learning Strategy workshops for the campus community to engage in ideas and resources that contribute to their overall academic success. Join us in various opportunities each quarter in learning strategies that will enrich our Seattle U community.

Please visit this link for our available online workshops.

Flyer that details upcoming workshops for Fall Quarter 2022, blue text on creme background.

Where Does The Time Go? Time Management Workshop

Promotional flyer for Time Management workshop. Oct 6 from 1230-130pm at LEML366.

Date and Time: Thursday, October 6 from 12:30-1:30pm
Location: LEML366

Start the quarter right by learning how to prevent procrastination by taking charge of your own time! Learn how to manage your time to keep up with your personal interests and academic life. No RSVPs required, join us with one of our Learning Specialists, Jada Mendoza, in this informative workshop.

 Previous Workshops

Spring Quarter 2022

Preparing for Finals

Wednesday, May 18 at 4-5pm
Zoom ID: 968 7504 0600
Zoom Link:

Learning Assistance Programs is here to help prepare for finals! Join our subject specialist Nicole to learn study tips and strategies that can help you achieve your academic goals for finals week and beyond.

Enhancing Mental Focus and Wellbeing

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 5 at 2-3 pm
NEW Location: LEML369 LEML366

Having a mind is hard, but it can get easier with practice. Deciding to have a new mindset or attitude doesn't usually work; instead, you can learn new, science-backed mental strategies to help manage your thinking. Struggles with procrastination, self-criticism, and worrying often reflect mental habits, rather than unchangeable parts of your personality. You are capable of building more attention, mental control, motivation, and self-encouragement, and you can learn specific skills to help you make lasting mental changes. This workshop will be facilitated by clinical psychologist and psychology professor, Dr. Rachel Turow.

Canva Resumes for Creatives

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 13 at 3:45-4:45 pm
Zoom Link: https://seattleu.zoom.us/j/91516024296

Ready to start applying to creative jobs but don't want to submit a boring resume or CV? Use Canva for eye-catching resumes, cover letters, and more to showcase your creative style and attention to detail. Canva is a free web-based graphic design program that provides the tools and templates for creating interesting and engaging designs for web or print. In this session, we will go over the basics of resume and CV creation for creative fields, cover some basic tools and useful tricks in Canva, and allow time for experimentation and questions. Join Shelley Carr, our Student Engagement Librarian, in this interactive online workshop!

The Window of Tolerance: Preventing and Handling Burnout

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 21 at 1-2 pm
Location: LEML366

Join Director of Wellness and Health Promotion, Chris Fiorello, to learn about the signs of burnout and how to prevent it from happening. Most importantly, learn skills on how to handle burnout when it begins to happen!

Winter Quarter 2022

Disinformation discussion: Finding high-quality internet sources for school and your personal life

 A flyer for the workshop on disinformation and how students can best identify credible sources

Date and Time: Wednesday, January 12 at 5-6pm
Zoom ID: 921 6605 8221
Zoom Link: https://seattleu.zoom.us/j/92166058221

It is very difficult sifting through the deluge of information found online or through social media for academic or personal tasks.  In this workshop, students are introduced to the Four Moves and a Habit framework.  This framework focuses on essential fact-checking skills necessary to identify the credibility and authority of information. The aim of this framework is to help students very quickly evaluate claims found in a rapidly changing online information system.

Making the Most of Your Core Classes

Flyer for Making the Most of Your Core Classes workshop hosted on Feb 9 from 11:45-1:15pm at LEML366

Date and Times: Wednesday, February 9 @ 11:45-12:30 and 12:30-1:15pm

With registration for Spring Quarter coming up soon, you may be wondering what courses to take, especially your UCOR courses. This workshop will help you navigate the catalog to find UCOR classes that not only fit your schedule, but your interests. Learn how you can design a more meaningful Core experience, whether that’s diving into a theme you’re passionate about across subjects as diverse as Philosophy, Mathematics, Literature, Biology, Theology, and Political Science, tailoring your Core courses to learn how disciplines from across the university contribute knowledge to your future profession, or using your Core courses as a means of exploring and discerning what that future profession might be. Join Dr. Jeff Philpott, Director of the University Core, and Dr. Hilary Hawley, UCOR faculty and Director of Core Learning and Engagement programs, in this hands-on workshop and leave with specific courses to add to your Course Plan!

Why Can’t I Do This? Succeeding in College with ADHD

An updated flyer with a student in the middle, over a gradient green and orange background. The workshop is called

Coping with Transitions and Uncertainty During COVID-19

Flyer for 10/20 regarding how to cope during COVID-19 transitions

Date and Time: October 20, 2-3pm
Meeting ID: 936 3946 9018
Zoom Link: https://seattleu.zoom.us/j/93639469018

As we enter a new school year in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we may be having a variety of responses. In this talk, we will review some of the difficulties associated with living in a time of uncertainty, as well as ways to cope with and respond to unplanned transitions.

Getting Started with Citation Managers

Flyer for the workshop on 10/27 at 5-6pm

Date and Time: October 27, 5-6pm
Meeting ID: 956 9673 1529
Zoom Link: https://seattleu.zoom.us/j/95696731529

Citation managers are tools that you can use to store, organize, and create citations. Research Services supports two citation managers, Zotero and RefWorks, which help you keep your sources organized and make creating citations and bibliographies easy. This workshop will focus on the basics of citation managers, the similarities and differences between the two specific tools, and the basics for getting started on each.

Preparing for Finals

Flyer for 11/11 Preparing for Finals workshop

Date and Time: November 11, 12:30-1:30pm
Meeting ID: 949 1209 7415
Zoom Link: https://seattleu.zoom.us/j/94912097415

Learning Assistance Programs is here to help prepare for finals! Join our subject specialists Kellsie and Cullin, where they will be sharing study tips and strategies that can help you achieve your academic goals for finals week and beyond.

This workshop was EXTREMELY useful to attend. It was an information-filled, high-quality presentation. I'm planning to use this Thanksgiving break to look into scholarships and then reach out if necessary.

SeattleU student

This workshop completely changed my responses to how I work with my own ADD as a student. It also catalyzed me toward doing serious research on how ADD is treated without fragmentation, and has changed how I approach the children and families I serve in my clinical counseling internship who need help with ADD

SeattleU student