Orientation and Safety Requirements 


The Billodue Makerspace is committed to the safety of our patrons and staff. We're constantly evaluating our processes and looking for ways to make the space safer; however, some potential for injury is unavoidable in a space designed for physical making. We want to get you started in the Makerspace as quickly and safely as possible.

To ensure that patrons have the knowledge needed to be safe all students, staff, and faculty are required to complete a 30-minute onsite Orientation and Safety Session. These sessions are offered several times a week and can be registered through the Billodue Makerspace Calendar.

Faculty may also schedule Orientation and Safety Sessions for their classes by contacting Nick Ames, Manager of the Billodue Makerspace and Media Production Center at names@seattleu.edu. 

In addition to the required Orientation and Safety Session some tools and processes require additional safety and operational training. These trainings are available in a “basic” format where staff will demonstrate and explain the safe and proper use of the tools, and in an “activity” format where staff will demonstrateexplain, and then participants can practice what they've learned through a guided activity. 

Tools that have additional training requirements:

  • Laser Cutter
  • Sewing Machine
  • Embroidery Machine
  • Glass Tools
  • Vinyl Cutters

Training Videos