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Whether you’re looking for an expert in a specific field or a student making a difference, our marketing communications team is here to provide media assistance. We are sensitive to deadlines and today’s constant news cycle, so we will always try to answer your questions and find interviewees for your stories.

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Seattle U scholars are available to discuss issues related to the coronavirus pandemic.  Please contact Lincoln Vander Veen to schedule interviews or if you need a source not listed below.

Seattle U maintains a dedicated COVID-19 website.

Business, economy, marketing

Topic: Macroeconomic impacts on business and economy

Vladimir Dashkeev, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Background and bio

Topics: Business Ethics, Corporate Responsibility. Moral and Political Philosophy

Jeffrey Smith, Professor, Management, Boeing Frank Shrontz Chair of Professional Ethics

Related media interview

Background and bio

Topic: Impact on healthcare systems

Erin Vernon, PhD, assistant professor of Economics

Background and bio

Topics: Role of COVID in political advertising; marketing through a crisis

Matt Isaac, PhD, associate professor of Marketing.

Background and bio

Jennifer Hong, assistant professor of Marketing

Background and bio

Topic: Behavior of financial markets including the EU

Werner De Bondt, PhD, visiting professor of Finance

Background and bio

Mental Health

Topics: Mental health issues, mental health counseling services, mental health care, gender-based violence, domestic violence

Kristi A. Lee, Ph.D., LMHCA, NCC, Associate Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Department of Leadership and Professional Studies, College of Education

Background and bio


Topics: nursing homes, elder care

Michael Huggins, PhDc, EdD, APRN, FAANP, Associate Professor, Adult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Track Lead

Topics: community health, homelessness, public health, community assessment, program planning and implementation, maternal/infant health and lactation, health care issues of vulnerable populations in particularly related to immigration.

Lauren Valk Lawson, DNP, RN, Assistant Professor

Background and bio

Topic: Midwifery

Elizabeth M. Gabzdyl, DNP, MSN, Assistant Professor, Certified Nurse Midwifery


Topics:  Remote learning student teaching components, synchronous and asynchronous teaching such as online discussion, lesson analysis similar to students edTPA exam for certification, and analysis of lesson interactions to support language development

Patricia Venegas-Weber, PhD, assistant clinical professor, Master’s in Teaching Program

Background and bio

Topic: Developing remote learning courses for higher education

Trish Thomas Henley, PhD, Associate Dean; Special Assistant to the Provost, Graduate Education; Interim Director, Digital Technology & Cultures, School of New and Continuing Studies

Topics: Study abroad and international students

Gina Lopardo, director, Education Abroad


Dale Watanabe, director, International Student Center


Topic: Career engagement and preparation for students

Hilary Flanagan, executive director, Career Engagement Office


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