What all is involved with SU's upcoming earthquake drill?

October 9, 2018

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On Thursday, October 18, at 10:18 a.m., Seattle University will conduct a campus wide “Drop, Cover and Hold” drill to practice earthquake safety. All members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to participate in this drill. The “Drop, Cover and Hold” drill is an opportunity for us to practice how to protect ourselves during an earthquake. We will not evacuate for the drill. 

The drill will happen specifically at 10:18 a.m. in order to participate in The Great Washington Shake Out drill. With over 19 million participants worldwide and 840,000 just in Washington, the Great Shakeout is a great opportunity for Seattle University to be part of something impactful.

Please participate for 90 seconds by dropping under a desk or moving to a safe part of your area; covering your head and neck and finding shelter under furniture; and holding on to something. If there is no furniture to shelter under or you are unable to shelter, quickly go to a part of the room with the least potential for falling objects. Make sure to keep your head and neck covered. Once you have protected yourself for the 90 seconds, the drill is over. 

Public Safety will test the emergency notification systems at the beginning and end of the drill. To sign up to receive emergency text messages, all you need to do is text “SeattleUalert” to 79516. 

To participate: 

DROP to the floor. Do not try to exit during shaking.
COVER your head and neck with one hand and seek shelter under your desk or table as best as possible. If in an auditorium with no tables, take cover between the rows of chairs.
HOLD on to the leg of the desk/table with your other hand

In the classroom:

POINT out Emergency Exits
REVIEW emergency procedure information posted in the classroom (Emergency Procedures Poster)
LEARN your building’s evacuation area

In a laboratory:

REVIEW emergency procedure information posted in the classroom
STEP BACK from the lab table.
DROP to the floor on your knees next to a wall, away from glass and other hazards if possible.
COVER your head and neck with your hands and arms.
HOLD on to something sturdy during the shaking