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SPD Officer wins Red Winged Leadership Award

April 24, 2019

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Seattle Police Department (SPD) Officer Jim Ritter was recognized as the top recipient of SU’s 2019 Red Winged Leadership Award at a ceremony on April 18. Presented by students in the Albers School’s Graduate Leadership Formation Certificate (GLFC) program, the award honors individuals who combine leadership, social responsibility and business acumen.

Ritter conceptualized the idea for SPD Safe Place in 2014 in order to address low reporting of anti-LGBTQ crimes and school bullying incidents. The program, which has since been expanded to serve victims of all bias crimes, seeks to build public trust in law enforcement and a sense of safety in the community. More than 6,000 businesses in Seattle currently participate in the program by displaying a decal at their entrances to let victims know they are welcome to enter and stay on the premises while a call to 911 is made on their behalf. More than 200 police agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada are actively working with SPD to initiate similar programs in their communities.

The second-place awardee was Amy Pak, founder of Families of Color Seattle, a non-profit aimed at building a strong community by supporting families of color through equitable parent programs, resource sharing, and fostering meaningful connections.

Honored as the third-place awardee was Marvin Charles, co-founder of Devine Alternatives for Dads Services (D.A.D.S.), a non-profit that assists fathers with resources to help them develop a sense of self, family and community responsibility through education, effective parenting, mentoring and partnering.

Students in the GLFC program explore leadership issues, develop and hone leadership skills, and practice leadership behaviors in a carefully designed learning environment. For more information on the certificate program and award, visit Red Winged Leadership Award.

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