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What do we know about SU's alumni?

September 14, 2020

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Nearly 70 percent of Seattle University’s alumni reside in Washington state, with California and Oregon following at 7 percent and 3 percent, respectively, according to the latest demographics from the Alumni Association.

Among other notable facts listed in the 2020 report:

  • The top regions where SU graduates live outside of Washington are Southern California (2,845 alumni), Bay Area (2,365), Portland area (2,064), Oahu (1,016) and Washington D.C. (816).

  • Countries outside the U.S. with the most SU alumni include Indonesia (359), Canada (266), Japan (225), Thailand (151), Taiwan (140) and China (119).

  • Top employers of alums include The Boeing Company (1,823), Microsoft Corporation (486), Seattle University (329), (327), University of Washington (284) and Seattle School District (281).

  • More than a quarter of SU degrees have been conferred since 2010.