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Yitan Li coauthors book on China-Taiwan relations

October 4, 2021

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Political Science Associate Professor Yitan Li has coauthored a book, “Identity in the Shadow of a Giant: How the Rise of China is Changing Taiwan,” published by the Bristol University Press.

This book investigates the implications of the global ascent of China on cross-Strait relations and the identity of Taiwan as a democratic state. Examining an array of factors that affect identity formation, the authors consider the influence of the rapid military and economic rise of China on Taiwan’s identity. Their assessment offers valuable insights into which policies have the best chance of resulting in peaceful relations and prosperity across the Taiwan Strait and builds a new theory of identity at elite and mass levels. The book also addresses implications for the United States-led world order and today’s most critical great power competition. 

Identity in the Shadow of a Giant comes at a crucial time juncture of cross-Strait relations. On the one hand, tensions between the United States and China continue to rise; on the other, with the chaotic withdrawal of the United States from the 20-year-war in Afghanistan, one wonders if the United States would ever effectively come to Taiwan’s defense if cross-Strait relations deteriorate into conflict. This book is a timely reminder of how volatile cross-Strait relations can be and how important the effects of a rising China are on Taiwan’s identity and those relations.