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Feeding Time

May 24, 2022

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SU’s Grounds Department is providing sustenance to animals at Woodland Park Zoo.

Our Grounds Department is helping to keep bellies full at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ) as its animals have recently been feasting on prunings from SU’s campus.

Recognizing the university’s pesticide-free and organic practices, “WPZ reached out to SU about a month ago asking for branches from campus landscapes, trees and shrubs to add to their ‘browse’ for animals that rely on leaves, shoots and bark for their diet,” Grounds Manager Shannon Britton explains.

Britton and her colleagues were happy to oblige. “When we have a truckload, we e-mail our WPZ contact so they can pick it up the same day to ensure freshness.”

Britton and her colleagues are looking to continue this partnership year-round.

Learn more about SU’s sustainable practices at Grounds and Landscaping.

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